Dewiswch eich iaith

Crist y Brenin Church, Malltraeth
(Christ the King Church.)

This tiny rectangular-shaped Church with an undivided nave and chancel, was constructed in 1874, for the dual purpose of a church infant school and mission church, known as St Elizabeth's. The school was closed in 1913 when the bulding became a church only.
Extensive works were carried out in 1959, when it was re-dedicated as Crist y Brenin.
A view of the interior of Crist y Brenin Church, Malltraeth which was originally a 'Mission School'.

A photograph of the last group of children that attended the mission school.

An early view of Malltraeth High Street. The first building on the left is 'Siop Pritchard' (Pritchards Shop - the  building adjacent to the car park), whilst on the right is the Joiners Arms, with Bodval House shop two doors down, with the Post Office in its original location next door to Homedale with the telephone kiosk in front. The last building on the right is the old Police Station established by the Anglesey Constabulary at the turn of the 20th century.


An earlier view of Malltraeth High Street. Note that there is no electricity, and the only telegraph
pole is located by the Post Office, but no telephone kiosk.

A later view of the High Street with the Bay Cafe on the left.(circa 1970).The green van on the left is parked outside the butcher's shop. The red barn at the top right was built in 1925 and demolished in 2008.
An aerial view of Malltraeth 'circa' 1948.

An old view of the lower end of the village, showing the old Beach Cottages (Tai Lan Mor), demolished in the 1960's. The five cottages at the rear of Tremarfon/Moranedd can be seen to the right of the church, together with the cottages where Swn y Mor currently stands.

Children playing on the beach(1950's).

An earlier view with the old Beach Cottages in the background.

Fishing - laying the net


Any luck ?

Shorelands and the Drive at Malltraeth before the trees were planted.
A view over the Cefni Estuary from Malltraeth, before the Forestry was
planted on the dunes at Newborough.

Warren Point, Malltraeth before the trees were planted.