Dewiswch eich iaith

School Building Group

This divides into two parts – the School Repair Group and the New Build Group.

The School Repair Group

This group started work in July 2019 with an inspection of the school building by Dafydd Jones, Cyril Jones, Capell Aris (Malltraeth Ymlaen) and Geithin Williams and Martin (?) from Anglesey Builders. Anglesey Builders were asked to cost various repair and improvement works to the school building, which they submitted in October 2019.

The existing condition of the building is described in The state of the school building today

Fixing the damp and reducing the heating bills describes how we can fix the two most serious problems with the school building.

New designs using the old school buildings offers two suggestions as to how we could convert the school into an exciting

The new build group

This group started in October 2019 to establish a realistic cost for new build and to see what features new build could bring to a community hall. The possibilities of new build describes what we have found so far. You can see examples of new build community centres at the New Build Photographs webpage.