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This section shows some photographs of the Cob breached in 1924,documents relating to the Mission School and more.


The Cefni Cob Breached in 1924.
Stone was brought in by rail and shoveled off the viaduct.


Repair work underway, 1924.
The person supervising the works, Thomas Hughes, Glanrafon 1862-1948 is in the boat.


Repair works under the viaduct.


Note the tramway in the far right of this picture

Another picture of one of the work gangs repairing the cob.


Pen Parc.



The Joiners Arms.



Work in progress -Joiners Arms,during the late 1930s'.The contractors were William Evans & Son, Pentraeth.



This could bring back some memories to Malltraeth Residents who are 60 plus-
Identity cards were issued after the National Registration Census had recorded
particulars of every citizen in the country in September 1939. This was undertaken
ahead of, and instead of the scheduled Census which was to be held in 1941.
The card contained the name, address and personal registration number, and
for adults,a signature, and was used as the basis for national conscription and
for the issue of ration books. The cards for adults were blue in colour, and as
above for all children under the age of 16 years old. They had to be carried at
all times and produced to a Police Officer in uniform or a member of the Home
Guard on duty. Failure to do so was a criminal offence under the Emergency
Powers(Defence) Bill and punishable in the courts.

A map from the 1830's showing the location of some coal mines in the
vicinity of 'Tyn y Flat', Trefdraeth.

Demolition work in progress on the old stables and vestry (lloft capel), at
Sardis Chapel, Malltraeth in 1991/92.

White Angels on the Drive, before it was re-developed, now known as Porth Huron.