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OVER BY CHRISTMAS? Over the last few months there have been frequent forecasts and announcements about availability of a Covid vaccine, and although the predicted start date of early December appears to have slipped, there is some room for optimism that even if it’s not all over by Christmas, the process may at least have started by then. Fingers crossed !


YMCC UPDATE – from Cllr BRYAN OWEN Again this month most of the attention is on the pandemic with the track and trace centre in Llangefni still operating daily. It is still very important that we all stick to the guidelines.

We are disappointed with the authority for refusing the HMRC application for a Lorry Park Inspection facility , could have huge implications for the island as we endeavour for a free port status at Holyhead. I have written to Welsh Government asking them to engage with HMRC and the local authority to reconsider the decision, having a lorry park over a 100 miles from the Island could be an economic disaster for us. 


ALL CREATURES GREAT & SMALL Anne Cragg is the proprietor of Cathle Cattery in Llangaffo. If the feedback from customers past and present is anything to go by, it’s surprising that her temporary guests don’t take up permanent residence there. I’m sure they would like to !    Anne also deals with sick and injured wild animals and birds, very often housing them if  they’re not able to be released after treatment.. I’ve known Anne ever since my children (now in their 30s) were old enough to bring in sick animals.   During that time we’ve taken everything to her from a bat to a seagull, plus hedgehogs and various other small animals and birds. Some years ago my eldest son was cycling past Hen Blas, and he found a stoat at the side of the road, barely able to move, presumably having been hit by a passing vehicle. We put it in an old bird cage, and took it over to Anne. We called her a couple of days later to check on the patient, and see if we could release it back into the wild. Anne : “Oh yes he’s much better now, he keeps on biting me “


HEDGEHOG WATCH – from ANNE CRAGG Under normal circumstances, hedgehogs would at this time of year be starting to hibernate. Because of the unusually mild weather of late, the process may have been delayed by a few weeks, but if you see a hedgehog smaller than 600g ( when rolled up, about the size of a grapefruit ) it’s unlikely that it will survive hibernation. If you see a hedgehog of any size moving around in daylight, it’s a sign that there’s a problem. If it’s looking a bit wobbly, the problem is likely to be hypothermia. Action needs to be taken a.s.a.p. The best remedy is to put it in a box in a warm place, maybe next to a boiler. In extreme cases maybe put a plastic bottle of warm water next to it The best food for them is cat or dog food. Meat in jelly, not in gravy, and not fish based. In the past, well meaning people used to put out bread and milk in the garden for the hedgehogs, but it in fact they were doing more harm than good. Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant, and cow’s milk gives them a problem. Goat’s milk is OK, but dog / cat food plus water is the best bet. It’s also important to contact a rehabilitator as soon as you can. You can call me on 01248 440689, or “Hedgehuggles” on 07887 425109. Nationwide, hedgehog numbers are decreasng, so they need all the help they can get. ( Gardeners please note – they eat slugs


MALLTRAETH YMLAEN. Since February, ten of the Directors of Malltraeth Ymlaen have on two occasions tried unsuccessfully to close the company down. They were subsequently invited to resign, on the basis that they had no interest in MY or its future. For the last 9 months however they had refused to do so, thereby preventing MY from carrying on the good work that has been its trademark for so many years. After 9 months of deadlock, an online General Meeting of members of Malltraeth Ymlaen was held on November 17-18th, in which Directors and members of MY were invited to express their views, prior to voting on a proposal to remove the 10 directors from office. Following a vote of 56 to 0 in favour, the Directors and Secretary tendered their resignations. It’s very sad that it had to end like this, but at least we can now get back to work. More details of the meeting and a diary of submissions and comments will be found on the website as the situation develops. 


150 CLUB November’s winners are:- Eleri Hughes ( £25 ), Gareth Hughes ( £20 ), Shelley Wheelhouse ( £20 ), Peter Garbutt ( £15 ), Ray & Jan Robershaw ( £15 ). One more draw before Christmas, the list for 2021 will open on Tuesday Dec 1st.


PARC Y PLANT – from HELEN JENNER A second meeting of the newly formed Playground Committee was held at Pritchard Jones Institute on Nov 16th. Progress to date :- The relevant bank account forms have now been signed, and once these have been processed by the Bank we will be able to move forward on funding applications. The keys should be available by Nov. 20th, and then the Committee can do a detailed inventory of the equipment in the park. Eglas have kindly agreed to remove any damaged equipment or rotten timber free of charge, and NRW have already promised to supply replacement timber where necessary. . Our ambition is to reopen the facility in the Spring, and with that in mind the Committee will contact Ysgol Santes Dwynwen to see if we can involve their pupils in the refurbishment process.


LEIN AMLWCH - from Walter Davies Work continues on the line, with intense vegetation clearance over the last few weeks at Llangefni and Llangwllog.


For more information or if you’re interested in registering as a member or even volunteering to help with the project, email Walter Davies on, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


PARISH NEWS from Rev ELIZABETH ROBERTS Our Remembrance Sunday service went well. We were allowed up to 30 people for our service at the Aberffraw cenotaph. We did indeed have 30, and some stood outside the church gate. Small bunches of poppies had been fixed into the ground to show the two metre distancing points where people could stand in bubbles or as individuals.The names of those from the Aberffraw and Malltraeth areas, who had lost their lives, were read out solemnly. Wreaths were laid and we stood for the two minutes silence. The service was brief yet very poignant and it was good to have that time to reflect and remember. Eucharist Services in Llangadwaladr ( with restricted numbers ) will usually be on the second and fourth Sundays of each month at 11.15 a.m. On Christmas morning there will be services at Aberffraw and Llangadwaladr. There will be a Zoom service for the whole of Anglesey on the first Sunday in Advent - tomorrow, 29th November Meeting ID: 960 4727 9244 Password: 338222


COMMUNITY CENTRE – Where do we go from here? Now that the dust is settling a little, we need to get back on track with the most pressing issue – the fate of the School building. On the positive side, the new Directors of MY have requested representation on the Management Committee ( the Trustees ). If successful we may no longer be kept in the dark about plans for the Community Centre. There have been plenty of rumours circulating, hopefully that’s all they are – just rumours. But we may at last in a position to find out exactly what is happening, and what is being proposed. After a year of secrecy, this will be come as a refreshing change. It’s interesting to note that the Rhosneigr Village Hall has been open for business now for three weeks, albeit with suitable precautions. We run the risk of losing possible users for Bodorgan Community Centre if we don’t get our act together, soon 



November on Ynys Mon is noted for several important reasons in the bird world, with several striking winter visitors to enjoy. Large flocks of Green (Lapwing), Golden Plover, and Snipe, are gradually building up and giving spectacular aerial displays, especially when evading Peregrines! 


Slightly less elusive, if also largely nocturnal otters are again leaving their fishy calling cards by the bridge,. Note that Polecats have also greatly increased on the island in recent decades, and that we probably still have some of the dreaded Mink here....ermm, best not go there! Talking of the 'Mustelid' Family, I was surprised to see a Stoat swimming rapidly across the side channel looking like a small, red and very buoyant Otter. Finally, looks like another good breeding season for all the Grey Seals on our rocky coasts, like this mother and calf - I think she was trying to persuade the youngster into the sea.

They also feature, like most of our wildlife, on my latest A3 size map print – Gwynedd & Mon Wildlife.


WW1 MEMORIAL TABLET When Sardis Chapel in Malltraeth was demolished some time ago, the WW1 memorial tablet was removed for safe keeping. It is now showing signs of weathering, so the Support Group will have the tablet evaluated by monumental masons to see if it can be weather proofed, and mounted externally. If this isn’t an option, we will look for a suitable indoor site.


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Pete & Jane Harris We have been blessed with great neighbours all around our home. Everyone helps each other out which makes it a great community to live in. We'd like to especially thank Tom & Ceri Hughes, Tryfan, Bethel. They are always willing to do a favour, whether it be caring for our hens & cats when we're away, lending tools, looking after a bicycle (surprise birthday gift) or taking in parcels from the postman to name a few. They are wonderful neighbours and we appreciate them both. Thank you Tom & Ceri for all you do! Pete & Jane 

Bodorgan Ymlaen ? One of the former directors of MY proposed extending the scope of MY to formally include the whole of Bodorgan, including Aberffraw, Trefdraeth, Hermon and Capel Mawr. This idea has been suggested at MY meetings in the past, but without any result. Maybe now is the time to reconsider it as a serious proposition?

Thought for the day – Barbara Jones It’s the early bird that catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.


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