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                                                       Chwefror/Mawrth 2021

Rydym ni’n siŵr y byddech chi’n cytuno y byddai cyfieithu’r cylchlythyr hwn i’r Gymraeg yn beth buddiol.  Mae “Helo Blod” wedi cynnig gwasanaeth cyfieithu am ddim ac rydym yn ddiolchgar amdano.  Byddwn yn gallu datblygu hyn ymhellach dros y misoedd nesaf.  Mae'r dyddiau'n ymestyn ychydig, er nad ydyn nhw’n gynhesach nac yn sychach!  Mae'r adar yn chwilio am le i nythu a gallwn ninnau hefyd fod yn fwy optimistaidd a dechrau gwneud cynlluniau - hyd yn oed os ydyn nhw'n rhai petrus!



                                                         February/March 2021                        

We are sure you will agree that having a Welsh translation of this newsletter would be a benefit.  “Heloblod” have offered a free translation service for which we are grateful.  We will be able to develop this more fully over the next few months.  The days are getting a little longer, if not warmer or drier!  The birds are checking out nesting sites, we can be more optimistic too, and begin to make plans, even if they are tentative ones! 


Fel cymuned, hoffem estyn ein cydymdeimlad dwysaf gyda Dr.Teleri Mair Jones a’i theulu ar ei cholled enbyd a thrasig o golli ei gŵr. Bu farw Huw Gethin ar ddydd Gwener y 19eg o Chwefror, 2021 yn dilyn cymhlethdodau rôl bod yn wael o’r Covid.

Roedd Huw Gethin yn ŵr ifanc poblogaidd ac amryddawn. Yn adnabyddys fel chwaraewr rygbi talentog, yn gerddor o fri ac yn olygydd llawrydd i gwmni Rondo. Estynwn ein cydymdeimlad dwysaf gyda’n meddyg teuluol gofalgar a charedig a’i theulu a’u ffrindiau oll ar yr amser anodd yma.  Mae ein meddyliau ni oll fel cymuned gyda hi.


As a community, we’d like to extend our deepest sympathy to Doctor Teleri Mair Jones and her family on the tragic and untimely death of her husband Huw Gethin who passed away on Friday 19th of February 2021 following complications after contracting Covid.

Huw Gethin was a popular young man and an extremely talented individual. He was well known as a skilled rugby player, an accomplished musician and a highly respected freelance editor for the Rondo company.

We extend our deepest sympathy to our kind and caring GP at this sad time. Our thoughts and prayers as a community are with her and all the family and friends.


Y CLWB DROS 50  – gan Roz Smith.

Yr adeg hon y llynedd roedden ni’n cynllunio ein Cinio Dydd Gŵyl Dewi – a gynhaliwn fel arfer rywbryd ar ôl 'y Dydd' ei hun.  Yn ffodus cafodd Te Prynhawn Dydd Gŵyl Dewi, a drefnwyd gan Ferched y WI, ei gynnal yn ôl y bwriad yn y Neuadd Gymunedol ac roedd yn llwyddiant ysgubol.  Felly diolch iddyn nhw, cawsom ddathlu diwrnod ein Sant.

Y dyddiad a ddewiswyd i’r cinio, ymhen hir a hwyr, oedd 17 Mawrth (ie, Dydd Gŵyl Padrig). Roeddem wedi trefnu i fynd i'r Ganolfan Arddio yng Ngaerwen ac roedd pawb wedi dewis eu prydau bwyd a’r rheolwyr wedi cytuno lle byddai pawb yn eistedd - Popeth yn Barod!  Ac yna, wrth gwrs, fe darodd 'COVID', ac fe benderfynon ni’n gyndyn iawn i ganslo tan ddyddiad diweddarach.  Prin y byddem wedi meddwl y byddai mor hwyr â hyn!

Didyn ni ddim wedi colli gobaith  - ond gallai fod more hwy’r a ddyd ‘Gwil Sant George’ – ar hi cyn haraf – eleni!


OVER 50's CLUB – from  Roz Smith.

This time last year we were planning our St. David's Day Lunch – which is generally held sometime after 'the Day' itself.  Fortunately the St David's Day Afternoon Tea, arranged by the WI Ladies, went ahead in the Community Hall and was a resounding success.  So thanks to them, our Saint's Day was celebrated.

Eventually 17th March was decided upon (yes, St Patrick's Day). We had arranged to go to The Garden Centre in Gaerwen  and meals had been chosen and arrangements sorted with the management – All Set!  And then, of course, 'COVID' struck and we reluctantly decided to cancel until a later date.  Little did we know that it would be this late!  We haven’t  given up – but it could be as late as 'St. George's Day' – at the earliest - this year!


Parish News from Rev Elizabeth Roberts

Sunday services are still available on Zoom until further notice.  The link is the same

Any queries please e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Malltraeth Ymlaen News

There are rumours being spread that Malltraeth Ymlaen is closed:

Malltraeth Ymlaen isn’t closed and it never has been!

We now have 86 registered members!

We’re still trying to get Malltraeth Ymlaen money and chattels returned from the Bodorgan Community Trust, and a handover of the Company’s books, there’s no progress to date: but watch this space.

An Annual General Meeting is overdue and we intend to hold one in the near future. Hopefully, that won’t be too far off and held in the community centre.  If pushed we could hold a meeting using Zoom, but with a lot of participants such meetings can be cumbersome. The meeting will have to ratify the positions of the directors, accept any further nominations for directors, and consider the financial return for 2020.

We must put the recent dispute behind us and get back to the point (mid 2019?) when we were considering how to improve usage of the community centre. We’d established a group hoping to do just this but it fell apart in early 2020 – its existence was so brief the group never had a name! Can we start that again? The website still gets a lot of traffic so it would be ideal for a Classified Adds section – would any of you like to help with this?

And as this will be the first meeting in twoyears, perhaps we could have an informal chat afterwards – with coffee and cake?


150 CLUB

The 2021 list is now up to 49 participants (total in 2021 was 76 ). The number continues to grow, but as usual very slowly under current circumstances. The list will be left open for another month, so that we can come up with worthwhile prizes and make a worthwhile contribution to Community events and projects. To add your name to the list, please enter your details on the form provided on the website. If you pay by bank transfer, please use your name as the reference. Alternatively contact a member of the Support Group either by telephone or by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Remember -  the longer the list, the better the prizes !


Bodorgan WI – from Mary Bulmer

What a strange year we have had. We’ve had to adapt in all sorts of ways – most of the time not being able to see friends and family, learning to shop differently, trying to support others wherever possible and all the while doing our best to stay positive.

We have sent out a monthly “missive”, just to keep in touch, and included recipes and the odd amusing snippet or cartoon, to lighten our day. We organised a few walks when it was possible to do this and it was good to have a chance to catch-up. We had a lovely “distanced” bring and share Afternoon Tea in Monica’s garden and about 12 of us had a chance to feel a bit of normality on a lovely sunny afternoon, with glorious views of the mountains. At Christmas we prepared gift bags and delivered them (again with safety in mind) to member’s homes, and also had (another) afternoon tea at Llys Llewelyn bistro in Aberffraw – can’t tell you what a treat that was! So much gorgeous food that we all managed a take home a box of leftovers.

 Zoom meetings have been arranged and this may well be the way forward for the time being.  During the next few weeks we have Monica giving a talk on her time volunteering in Goa, and Heather talking about her fabulous holiday in Costa Rica.

The thing I’ve missed most about not being able to meet “live” is being able to share (good and bad) and even if I’ve felt a bit down prior to our meeting, within a short time of being together I’m invariably laughing.  I pray that we’ll be able to get back together in the not too distant future to enjoy laughing!!


Spring is on the way! 

We have received the grant from Medwrn Mon under the “Keeping  Active” scheme.  During the next week there will be enough for all of you to have a kit which will include seeds, pots and trays to grow your own flowers and vegetables on your window sill, conservatory or greenhouse.  You will be able to keep the seedlings for yourselves, or donate them back to be used for the benefit of community.  Please let us know via the website  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to receive a pack or know of anyone or family who would like to get growing.  Delivery/collection will be arranged, under Covid restrictions, as soon as we hear from you.


From Barbara Jones - Nostalgia!

Unbelievably 50 years since DECIMALISATION – which some of us will remember more than others!  I can't remember when I stopped saying - 'that would be half a crown in old money'  I still haven't got to grips with weights and measures and still work in feet and inches and pounds and ounces – when I can get away with it!  Anyway – I thought that the following will 'ring bells' for some of you:-


Back in the days of tanners and bobs

When mothers had patience and fathers had jobs

When football team members wore hand me down shoes

And T.V gave only two channels to choose.


Back in the days of 'thrupenny' bits

When schools employed nurses to search for your nits

When snowballs were harmless – ice slides permitted

And all of your jumpers were warm and hand-knitted.


Back in the days of hot ginger beers

When children remained so, for more than six years

When children respected what older folk said

And pot was a thing you kept under your bed.


Back in the days of Listen with Mother

When neighbours were friendly and talked to each other

When cars were so rare you could play in the street

When doctors made house calls and police walked the beat.


Back in the days of  Dixon's Dock Green

Crackerjack pens and Lyons Ice Cream

When children could freely wear National Health glasses

And teachers all stood at the front of the classes.


Back in the days of rocking and reeling

When mobiles were things that you hung from the ceiling

When woodwork and pottery got taught in schools

And everyone dreamed of a win on the pools.


Back in the days when I was a lad. I can't help but smile

for the fun that I had

Hopscotch and roller skates, snowballs to lob

Back in the days of tanners and bobs.                                      

Author Unknown        



From Bryan Owen – Community Council.

Covid 19 is still a huge problem for the Authority with us being the third most affected area in Wales.  As you might have heard on the news Anglesey has experienced the highest number of deaths over the last two weeks.  Ysbyty Gwynedd have more patients suffering from the virus than at any time since the beginning of pandemic.  It is very important that we stick to the guidelines.  To date 22,000 of the Anglesey public have been vaccinated. 

Other news is that the Local Authority is looking to increase the rateable value of our properties.  This is on top of the £35 green bin waste payment.  I objected to this saying it was too high an increase especially during these difficult times, but I am not holding my breath.  We can only hope commonsense will prevail.