New designs using the old school buildings

We have made two alternative designs for the school buildings. These are only floor plans. To take these any further would require assistance from an architect. These two designs share several alterations:

  1. We remove the need for all sewage and water connections to the north of the building, so the existing kitchen, canteen and the toilets next to the door from the car park are moved elsewhere. Consequently, the untidy ledge outside the kitchen can be removed and the entrance widened.
  2. The car park entrance on the south of the building is opened to the same width as the north entrance by changing the external walls of the modern classrooms.
  3. A new toilet block is constructed along the southern side of the building. These facilities are scaled to the needs for 100-150 people.
  4. The existing kitchen already has a large opening into the main hall, but it is restricted to a serving hatch and a door. This is opened out to give us a stage area. The stage area can be used as a level-floored extension to the main hall, or have mobile stage units moved in when a stage is needed.
  5. We have added a foyer to the entrance from the car park. Within this foyer there will be an office which could serve for the sale of tickets if required.
  6. The window in Room C looking out over the car park is converted to a door. This will provide immediate access to the main rooms and could be ideal if used during a farmers market.
  7. The kitchen is moved to a central point within the building.
  8. Where function rooms have large openings to adjacent rooms we will install folding doors so that they can be divided.

As a result of the first two changes the access to the school is much improved:

The smaller design.

In this we remove most of the new classroom area and reduce it to an extended corridor from the foyer. The kitchen area could serve drinks into the foyer area, but really it will only be serving into room C. This version will be cheaper than the alternative.



The larger design

This has a large café area formed out of the new classrooms. (This is NOT intended to be a café run on a commercial basis, but only an area to replace the coffee area used for our present coffee mornings). Note that the kitchen can now supply most of the function rooms of the centre. We have added an aspiration to fully open the wall between the main hall and the west classroom C; this might be structurally impossible or too expensive. This design would create a reception area of 210 m2.

The possibilities of new build