State of Play: 2022

We have been working on a possible design for the community centre with Russell Hughes Architects, based in Llangefni.

The drawings we made at the end of 2019 still seem workable. We have attempted to minimise the changes we'll make to the school and were possible the changes will be low-cost to make.

This is where we've got to with the floorplan:



This is the drawing that we included in our Business Plan proposal to Anglesey County Council.

The architect has managed to make the school layout even more flexible than our 2019 design.  He considers that we can remove part of the wall on the west of the main hall to create open access between the hall and large, west meeting room next to the foyer. At the same time we will be able to close off access where we want with folding wooden doors. So if we open the doors between the hall and this classroom, and open the doors to the foyer and the outside, then we'd have a large open space for events across this space, with access to the cafe.

It is NOT the final design. For example, we have realised that we cannot place a crèche within the main school building. The building is intended to have easy access throughout, whereas a crèche requires security to the point where separate access is required. Moreover, the crèche would be too far from the playfield. A separate building in the field might be a possibility but before we can commit to this we'd need definite information as to how popular it would be.

So there is a lot more to think about but there's plenty of time to reach agreement on what we want - if we get permission to purchase the school.


What's happening with the playfield?

In our Business Plan survey you told us that you were very keen to have a community garden. So we're looking to see what grant funding we can get to landscape parts of the field and at the same time create a community garden.