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Minutes of a full meeting of the Community Council held at Bodorgan Community Center on 25 November 2019.

1 Present

Councillors Mr Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Mr Tim Owen, Ms Sharon Barton,

Ms Arianwen Owen, Mr Myfyr Davies, Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr Gareth Evans, Mr Jeff Hughes,

Mr Selwyn Williams, County Councillor Mr Bryan Owen and Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk).

2 Apologies

Councillor Mr Gwilym Looms, Mr Selwyn Williams & County Councillor Mr Peter Rogers.

3 Welcome

3.1 Everyone was welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.

3.2 Councillor Ms Arianwen Owen was welcomed to her first meeting as a new member of the Council and she was unanimously co-opted (DJ/TO).

4 Declaration of interest

4.1 No one declared a personal interest in any listed item.

5 Correction and approval of minutes

5.1 Monthly Meeting 17/09/2019 - motion (AH), seconded (TO) that it is correct.

6 Issues arising.

6.1 External Audit - the Clerk said he was still waiting for the final report of the reports.

6.2 Caravan, Swn y Mor - Councillor Bryan Owen said that there were discussions with the County Council (Planning Department) in order to resolve the situation.

6.3 Maes Glas site, Bethel - it was decided to re-open discussions with the County Council and ask Fr Clerk to provide them with a relevant letter.

6.4 Yellow Lines near the Surgery - resolved.

6.5 Street Lamp, Maes Parcio, Morawelon, Malltraeth - it was noted that this matter needs attention.

6.6 Temporary Traffic Prohibition Order - Various Anglesey Locations) (Waiting & School Keep Clear - No Stopping Prohibition) at sites in Bethel & Malltraeth)

6.7 Immediate Traffic Prohibition Order - (Lon Glantraeth, Bethel) for Openreach work.

6.8 Planning Application Cae Eithin, Malltraeth (VAR/2019/14) - it was noted that the planning application has received permission from the Planning Department.

6.9 Meeting Report with the County Council's Standards Committee - a report was received from the Clerk and the Chairman following a meeting with members of the Standards Committee and a response is expected before the next meeting.

6.10 Ombudsman complaint against the Chairman of the Community Council by Mike Wilson from the Standards Committee - it was noted that the Ombudsman had no reason to proceed with the case against the Chairman.

6.11 Defibrillator Cabinet - it was noted that the Council would be willing to install and pay for a new cabinet with a contribution condition.

7 Financial Matters

7.1 It was agreed with the Council's list of payments and receipts for the months of September & October 2019 unanimously and the chairman signed the reconciliation document as well as a balance sheet as confirmation.

7.2 It was agreed to pay the following bills:

7.2.1 Mon Grass Cutting - £1,910 (Cemetery £1330 / Pathways £460 / Cob £70 / Blue Hut £50)

7.2.2 Bodorgan Estate - £1,612.75 - Half Yearly Rents)

7.2.3 Mr J A Foulkes - Salary October/November/December - £750.00

7.2.4 HMRC-PAYE-£187.50

7.3 Annual Audit Report - no report at this time.

8 Report of the County Councillor

8.1 Morawelon Estate Entrance - it was noted that a complaint had been received and attention was needed to the site near the Morawelon Estate entrance - the Clerk and County Councillor Bryan Owen to provide a letter to the County Council.

9 Bodorgan Centre Report

A brief report was given by the Chairman:

9.1 Concern regarding the future use of the Centre

9.2 That an asset transfer form is ready.

9.3 Conference Call with Ashworth Company.

9.4 Discussions with Mr Dylan Edwards from the County Council continue.

9.5 Need to appoint officers and proceed with the establishment of a Sub-Committee.

10 Correspondence

10.1 Moist champions - no report.

10.2 Planning Consultations - for information.

10.3 Biodiversity & Ecosystem Resilience Duties - for information.

10.4 Local Government & Elections (Wales) Bill - for information.

10.5 Welsh Government Consultation: A More Equal Wales - for information.

10.6 Bottle refill Water Machines - for information. Following discussion, no member was interested in the Council taking the responsibility including the maintenance costs of the equipment.

11 Date of next meeting – January 2020.

11.1 The meeting closed at 7:55pm.