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Minutes of a virtual meeting of the Community Council held via Zoom conference, Tuesday evening, 14 July 2020.

1 Present

Councillors Mr Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Ms Sharon Barton,

Mrs Arianwen Owen, Mr Myfyr Davies, Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr Gwilym Looms,

Mr Jeff Hughes, Mr Selwyn Williams and Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk).

2 Apologies

Mr Gareth Evans, Mr Tim Owen.

County Councillors Mr Bryan Owen & Mr Peter Rogers.

3 Welcome

3.1 Everyone was welcomed to the first meeting since January by the Chairman.

4 Declaration of interest

4.1 No one declared a personal interest in any listed item.

5 Correction and approval of minutes

5.1 Monthly Meeting 25/11/2019 - motion (AH), second (MD) that it is correct.

6 Maes Glas Site, Bethel

- the Clerk's report that it is necessary to stop sending any letter for the time being due to the current situation and to keep the matter in Law..

7 Morawelon Estate Parking Site, Malltraeth

- the Clerk said that he had visited the site and taken pictures of the site and sent a letter to the Head of Housing Department from the County Council but had not received any response so far. Clerk to follow the matter up and report back to the next meeting.

8 Pensioners' Estate Parking Site, Hermon

- a similar issue was raised by Councillor Arianwen Owen that parking outside the Pensioners' Housing needs attention and improvement as the situation is dangerous. AGREED (AO/AH) and ask the Clerk to add to the concerns of record 7 above.

9 Notice board near Pensiynwyr Estate, Hermon

- an issue was raised by Councillor Arianwen Owen that attention was needed to the Notice board - the members (AO/DJ) agreed and asked the Clerk to initiate inquiries for the purchase of a new one for the site.

10 Gift Requests

The members agreed to make the following donations;

10.1 Wales Air Ambulance Charity - £25O.OO (s137/LGA1972)

10.2 St David's Hospice (Penrhos Hospital) - £25O.OO (sL37/LGA1972)

10.3 Llangadwaldr Church - £5OO (s214(6)/1972)

10.4 Bethel Chapel - £5OO.OO (s214(6)/1972)

11 Adviser's Allowance

11.1 The Clerk had distributed an appropriate Allowance form to each member of the Council following the decision of the Independent Panel for Wales on Remuneration and asked them to fill it in and send it back to him as soon as possible.

12 Financial matters

Members agreed with the full list of payments and receipts of the Council & Conciliation of the Bane Statement up to 30 June 2020:


12.1 One Voice Wales - Membership £165.00

12.2 Bodorgan Properties - Rent of Allotments 6 months £1,612.75

12.3 Dwr Cymru - Newport Cemetery £17.10

12.4 J A Foulkes - Salary - April/June 2020 £772.80

12.5 HMRC-PAYE £193.20

12.6 Zoom Video Communications - Contribution £48.00

12.7 IG Jones & Co - Internal Audit £198.00


12.8 HMRC - VAT Refund £442.11

12.9 Isle of Anglesey County Council - First Price Installment 2020/21 £3,833.34

12.10 Total Rent of Allotments £1,653.58


Bank Balance Sheet Reconciliation:


2020 / 2021



Remainder 1 April

£ 17,954.09


£ 5,929.03



REMAINDER 30 June 2020

£ 20,876.27





Current Account

£ 20,876.27

Less Unpresented Check





13 Savings Account:

The Clerk said that £14k of the money in hand had been earmarked for any development for the Centre and that a form had been filled in to try to open a custodial account since September 2019 and distribute this figure to him. Despite his efforts, he said that problems with the Bane continued but that he will be busy once again in the coming weeks.

14 Online Banking

Members were open to the idea of ​​the Clerk making inquiries with the Bane about making payments online in the near future because of the situation that exists and that this will cause less difficulties.

15 Electoral Arrangements Survey Document for Anglesey (Draft Proposals).

Members were happy to suggest changing and renaming Bro Aberffraw ward to Santes Ddwynwen Ward as it is more suitable for the area as a whole. The Clerk to respond to the document by 14 September 2O2O with the Council's recommendation.


16.2 Full Application - Alteration & Expansion - Cae Mawr, Bodorgan - HHP/2020/55 -NO COMMENTS.

16.3 Full Application - Modification & Expansion - Penygroes, Newport, Bodorgan -HHP/2020/57 - NO COMMENTS.

16.4 Full Application - Alteration of Dog Kennel in Music Studio & Study Room - 35 High Street, Malltraeth, Bodorgan - FPL/2020/53 - comments had been made regarding the size and development in AOHNE and that it obstructed neighboring dwellings . The Council did not favor a Music Studio as the building was not suitable for such a development.

16.5 Full Application - Create New Entrance - Fair View, Malltraeth, Bodorgan -HHP/2020/124 - NO COMMENTS.

17 Bodorgan Centre Report

There was a verbal report from the Chairman and an open discussion to follow:

17.1 The Chairman said that the troubles of the New Group which has been set up to oppose the decision of the Centre Committee were continuing and they were also challenging the decision of Malltraeth Ymlaen Cyf to distribute most of the money that was being held into the bank account of the Community Centre. He confirmed that a meeting with the County Council had not taken place since February due to the Coronovirus and as a result of discussions they had not sent documents confirming exclusive purchase rights to the Committee. However, the County Council had admitted that the current lease was running and would expire in 2087.

18 Date of next meeting

September (15/9/020).

18.1 The meeting closed at 7:45pm.