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Minutes of the Community Council virtual meeting held via ZOOM Conference, on

Tuesday, 14th September 2021.

1         Present

Councillors Mr Dafydd Jones (Chair), Mr Tim Owen, Mrs Sharon Barton, Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr. Gwilym Looms, Mr Gareth Evans, Mr Jeff Hughes, Mr Selwyn Williams, Mr Myfyr Davies & Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk). Also: County Councillor, Mr Bryan Owen.

2         Apologies:

Apologies for absence were received from: Councillors Mrs Arianwen Owen & ALSO: County Councillor Mr Peter Rogers.

3         Welcome:

3.1       The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and extended the Council's deepest sympathy with the Clerk following a recent family bereavement.

3.2       It was noted that the Council had no objection to members of the public attending the virtual meeting provided that they were not being recorded and on the understanding that they did not seek to obtain relevant information by representing any local organizations.

4         Declaration of Interest

4.1       A personal and prejudicial interest was received from Councillor Mr Selwyn Williams on item 8.1 on the agenda relating to the full planning application for the creation of a new agricultural access at Tan-Lan, Bethel, Bodorgan as the landowner and withdrew from the meeting while members made comments and decisions.

5         County Councillor's Report.

County Councillor Mr Bryan Owen gave a brief report on:

  • COVID19 Update and statistics.
  • Brief report on interest shown in purchasing the Old School and Center.

6         To Correct & Approve Minutes of Meetings.

6.1        Full Council Monthly Meeting 22/6/2021 - Proposal (AH), seconded (GL) that the minutes be approved and signed as a true record. Agreed unanimously.

7        Matters Arising from the Minutes.

7.1       Confirmation that the remaining felling at Trefdraeth Church Cemetery will be completed by the end of September 2021.

7.2       A letter received from St Cadwaladr Church thanking the Community Council for the donation was duly noted.

8        Members Allowance 2021/2022.

Clerk to send the form out to members by the next meeting.

9        To Confirm Payments & Receipts:

Proposed & Seconded to approve the list and agreed unanimously.

9.1       Payments:

  • J A Foulkes - Quarter 2 Wages (2021/2022) £645.60
  • HMRC-PAYE £161.40
  • Zurich Insurance - Annual Insurance £406.76

9.2       Income

  • R & A Hughes & Son - Burial Fees (late Jennie Evans) £500.00
  • CSYM - Precept - 2nd Instalment £3,900.00

9.3       Bank Reconciliation - Current Account as at 31st August 2021         £9,236.32

10      New Planning Applications

10.1     Full application for the construction of a new agricultural access at: Tan-Lan, Bethel, Bodorgan - Application Number: FPL/2021/162 - NO OBSERVATIONS.

10.2     Application for the installation of a 22.5 meter-high mast, the installation of equipment cabinets at ground level and ancillary development on land at: Tyn Rallt, Bodorgan -Planning Application Number: D56/2021/4 - NO OBSERVATIONS

11      Planning Decisions.

11.1     Application to determine whether prior approval is required for the erection of an agricultural shed on land at: Tyn Rallt, Bodorgan - Application Number: DAG/2021/14 -PRIOR APPROVAL NOT REQUIRED.

11.2     Full application for extension to balcony at: Whitsand, The Drive, Malltraeth. Application Number: HHP/2021/153 - APPROVED.

12      Cae'r Ddol Planning Appeal Report.

It was noted that the Planning Inspectorate for Wales had gone against the County Council and granted the planning application. Clerk to ensure that all members receive a copy of the decision.

13       Gob Malltraeth Benches Report

It was noted that the benches needed to be repaired. Motion (AH) and second (TO) that the Clerk begins arrangements to replace the benches. Agreed unanimously.

14      Morawelon & Hermon Parking Report

Following the response received from the County Council, there was further discussion expressing strong concerns that change was certainly needed at Morawelon. Mr Bryan Owen's County Councillor agreed to send a further letter to the Heads of Housing 8c Highways Department.

15      Latest Report on the Old Community School & Centre Site.

Report by the Chair - Due to the current situation where the County Council are in discussions relating to the future of the Centre, it will not be possible to have any comprehensive discussion. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it is important to correct information and allegations that are circulating in the community: That there was close cooperation between the Council and the Centre's Management Committee. A joint statement of interest had been received by the County Council in January 2020 by the Management Committee and the Council. It was not moved on the case that the County Council's proposal was not affordable. More importantly, will the building

remain financially sustainable, even with ongoing support from this Council. Choosing the County Council would be for the Community Council to be part of the future. The centre was not opened as a polling station. The County Council themselves opened one room under strict conditions.

The centre cannot be opened until the restoration work needed within the Fire Inspection Report has been completed. The County Council have accepted their responsibility but are not willing to fund it. The Fire Report has not been made public because it contains a number of complex legal issues. Any misinterpretation could damage discussions and lead to more incorrect information.

16      Hermon Planter Plot

Councillor Mr Gareth Evans agreed to take a look at the damage to the flower plot.

17      Correspondence.

17.1     Initial Proposals Published Boundary Commission for Wales

17.2     Consultation on local taxes for second homes and self-catering accommodation

17.3     Awel y Mor Public Consultation going live from 31 August - 11 October 2021.

17.4     One Voice Wales Training Courses - October 2021.

17.5     Town 8c Community Council Liaison Forum Meeting - 29.9.2021.

17.6     Standards Committee's Reviews into Town and Community Councils.

18       Date of Next Meeting - Tuesday, 16th November 2021.

The Chair thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed at 8:30pm.