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Minutes of the Community Council virtual meeting held via ZOOM Conference, on

Tuesday, 15th May 2021.

1        Present

Councillors Mr Dafydd Jones (Chair), Mr Tim Owen, Mrs Sharon Barton, Mrs Arianwen Owen, Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr. Gwilym Looms, Mr Jeff Hughes, Mr Myfyr Davies, Mr Gareth Evans, Mr Selwyn Williams and Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk ). Also: Mr Bryan Owen, County Councillor.

2         Apologies:

An apology was received from Mr Peter Rogers, County Councillor.

3         Welcome:

3.1        Everyone was welcomed to the meeting by the Chair.

3.2        Councillor Mr Selwyn Williams was congratulated on celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary.

3.3        The Chair proposed that Council should allow members of the public to attend the meeting in accordance with Standing Order 3D but to suspend permission not to allow any recording of the meeting in accordance with Standing Order 3L. Motion Seconded by Councillor Andrew Hughes and Members approved unanimously.

4         Declaration of Interest

4.1        DECLARATION OF INTEREST that was not prejudicial was declared by the Chairman and Councillors Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr Jeff Hughes & Mr Gareth Evans as they were former members of Malltraeth Ymlaen when it came to discuss two letters that had been received by the Clerk. None of the meeting left the room and all of them took part in the item.

5         To Correct & Approve Minutes of meetings.

5.1       Monthly Meeting 09/03/2021 - Proposal (AH), seconded (GL) it is correct.

6        Eglwys Trefdraeth Cemetery Tree Cutting Report.

Following a report by the Clerk and although he had not received a tree inspection report, uncertainty or misunderstanding had taken place as the trees had now been felled. He had received an estimate from Roundwood Tree Technology for £ 2,680 + VAT and had made arrangements to obtain a second quotation.

Proposal by (DJ) & Seconded (AH) that the Council gives delegated powers to the Finance Committee to make a final decision in the matter in accordance with Standing Order 1R. The Clerk to receive a further report on the remaining trees by the next meeting and Councillor Mr Tim Owen to provide photographs of the trees already felled. Unanimously agreed.

7        New Planning Applications

7.1       Application for the installation of a 20-metre high monopole, the installation of equipment cabinets at ground level and ancillary development on:

Land near Tyddyn Bwrtais Bach, Bodorgan- Planning Application Number: D56 / 2021/2 -Members AGREED to object to the application and submit the following observations:

  • The proposed location and development is in a prominent location and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This would result in an adverse visual impact which would be detrimental to the conservations and enhancement of this Area and would contravene the several planning policies.
  • The application and proposal cannot be considered acceptable without a habitat survey to enable the impact of the development on the Site of Special Scientific Interest and the Special Area of Conservations to be assessed and again contravenes the provisions of Planning Policy Wales.

8        Decisions Planning Applications.

8.1       Application for the installation of a 20-metre high monople, the installation of equipment cabinets at ground level and ancillary development on:

Land near Tyddyn Bwrtais Bach, Bodorgan - REFUSED

8.2        Full application for conversion of outbuildings to holiday house together with changes to the Existing entrance and installation of a drainage treatment system:

Cae'r Ddol, Bodorgan: Application Number: FPL / 2020/134 - REFUSED / TO APPEAL.

8.3        Full application to Alter & Extend to include a balcony at: Henblas Park, Bethel: Application Number: HHP / 2021/18 - APPROVED.

9        To Receive the Council's Financial Balance Sheet - 2020/2021.

The Clerk had distributed a copy of the balance sheet to each member. Motion (MD) and secondary (AH) that the Council approves the balance sheet with thanks to the Clerk for the work. Decision: Members unanimously agreed.

10       To Confirm Payments & Receipts:

10.1                 Payments:

10.1.1              One Voice Wales - Fund Membership                              £171.00

10.1.2              Welsh Water - Eglwys Trefdraeth Cemetery Water Bill      £ 17.65

10.2                 Receipts:

10.2.1              Precept Payment-First Installment 2021-2022                 £3,900.00

10.2.2              Burial Fees - The Late Tracey Thomas                            £485.00

10.2.3              Grave Stone - The Late Stanley Thomas                          £ 185.00

11       Annual Donations.


11.1      Bethel Chapel - £ 500 towards Maintenance & Retention of Cemetery - s214 / LGA1972.

11.2      Eglwys Trefdraeth Church - £ 500 towards Maintenance & Retention of the Cemetery -s214 / LGA1972.

12       Correspondence Malltraeth Ymlaen Ltd

12.1      A letter was read out by the Clerk received from the organization seeking the support of the Community Council towards their efforts to improve the Centre - due to the established existence of a community centre committee which was a registered charity with no representatives from the Malltraeth Group on it, there would be a direct conflict of interest. The Community Council therefore decided not to support the initiative.

12.2     A second letter was read from the organization requesting access and use of the notice boards in order to advertise activities at the Centre - it was noted that the notice boards was for the sole use of Community Council business and not to be used for any other purpose - the Community Council decided to refuse the Request. It was also noted that the Centre's current situation was not suitable for the re-opening for any activity.

13       Other correspondence.

13.1      Order County Council - Prohibited Temporary Traffic - Lane Glantraeth, Bethel - 7th May 2021 for a day only in order to carry out Welsh Water's works.

13.2     Virginia Crosbie MP letter - broadband provision on Anglesey - an application to provide her with any information

14      Date of next meeting - June 2021.

The Chair thanked everyone for attending. The meeting ended at 19: 45yh