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Minutes of a virtual meeting of the Community Council held via Zoom conference, Tuesday evening, 9th March 2021.

1 Present

Councillors Mr Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Mr Tim Owen, Mrs Sharon Barton, Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr Gwilym Looms, Mr Jeff Hughes, Mr Selwyn Williams and Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk). Also: County Councillors Mr Bryan Owen.

2 Apologies

An apology was received from Councillor Mrs Arianwen Owen,

Mr Myfyr Davies & Mr Gareth Evans. Also: County Councillor Mr Peter Rogers.

3 Welcome

3.1 Everyone was welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.

4 Declaration of interest

4.1 No one declared an interest.

5 Report of the County Councillors

There was a short oral report from County Councillor, Mr Bryan Owen on the following issues:

5.1 Confirmation that Isle of Anglesey County Council has set the budget and raised 2.75% in tax.

5.2 The current situation and statistics of COFID19 and that deaths across the Island are bad. Matters had now calmed down and local centers were progressing with the administration of the vaccine. In search of that, concerns were shared that visitors had started visiting the village and around contrary to Welsh Government regulations and guidelines asking to monitor the situation.

6 Bodorgan Centre Report

6.1 Continue to expect more development regarding the future of the Centre.

6.2 Concerns were shared and it was agreed that the current condition of the building was not suitable for use as a Voting Station for the Election in May 2021. It was noted that it will be the County Council's responsibility to clean and provide the site.

RESOLUTION: Councillor Andrew Hughes to contact the IACC and report back to the Chairman, Clerk and County Councillor Mt Bryan Owen

7 Correcting & Approving Minutes of Meetings

7.1 Monthly Meeting 12/01/2021 - following correction that Councillor Gareth Evans joined the meeting late, motion (AH), seconded (TO) that it was correct.

8 Confirm Payments & Receipts.

Members agreed to pay a full list of the Council's payments and receipts as the following - Offer (AH) & Second (DJ):


8.1 Mr J A Foulkes - Clerk's Salary - January > March 2021 £772.80

8.2 HMRC-PAYE £193.20

8.3 Contribution - Bodorgan Center (s!9/LGA1976) £16,000.00 Receipts:

8.4 HMRC - VAT Refund £438.76

8.5 Burial Fees - Late Stanley Lloyd Thomas £240.00

9 Reconciliation of Bank's Balance Sheet up to 28.2.2021:

Bank Reconcilliation

2020 -21

Remainder of January

£ 23,689.36


£ 438.76



REMAINDER 28 February 2020

£ 6,924.22


2020 -21

Current Account

£ 24,128.12

Less Unpresented Cheque



£ 6,924.22


10 Trefdraeth New Cemetery Matters

10.1 The Clerk had not had the opportunity to organize the Tree Inspection around the boundary of the Cemetery.

Resolution: Suspend an estimate agreement received from Mr Les Thomas (£200) for maintenance work for the time being and also ask the Clerk to arrange for hedges around the new cemetery to be tidied up.

10.2 Ash Burial Site - the Clerk's report that no site had been designated for burying ashes in the new Cemetery in accordance with the original arrangements and that they take a new position in rows of graves.

Decision: Members unanimously that they should designate a separate site starting on the left side of the cemetery near the Notice board and request that an appropriate marker be placed.

11 New Planning Applications.

11.1 Full Application for Alteration & Extension including a balcony at: Hen Pare Glas, Bethel - Application Number: HHP/2021/18 - NO OBJECTION.

11.2 Relocation of a hedge on land in: Feisdon, Bodorgan - Application Number: HR/2021/1 - NO OBJECTION

12 Determination of Planning Applications.

12.1 Relocation of a hedge on land in: Feisdon, Bodorgan - Application Number: HR/2021/1 -

13 Planning Permission

13 Installation of Proposed Base Station - DNS Llangadwaldr, Bodorgan, Ynys M6n, LL62 5LU.

13.1 It was noted that there was confusion regarding which site was in question as the Aberffraw Community Council has discussed a similar application in Bwlan and that no community benefit under Section 106 will be available.

14 Correspondence

The correspondence was distributed for information only:

14.1 County Council Statement - Housing Service to build on excellent progress.

14.2 The County Council's Statement - 'We will do what is best for M6n Schools', says the Leader of the Council.

14.3 County Council Statement - Pupils to stay at home as M6n infection rate is the highest in Wales.

14.4 County Council Statement - New Biodiversity Plan to help tackle climate change.

14.5 Statement of the County Council - The Leader of the Council echoes the call to protect the Ports of Wales.

14.6 Update of Traffic Control Measures in the Port of Holyhead.

14.7 Annual Fee for the collection of green garden waste.

14.8 Litter & Illegal Tipping for Wales.

14.9 Elections Bulletin.

14.10 Wales One Voice Courses March 2021.

14.11 Statement - New Gravel Vehicles proving their worth this Winter.

15 Administration Matters.

15.1 Clerk confirms that he wants to wait for another meal until May 2022.

15.2 Chairman also confirms that he is willing to stay for the same period.

16 DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING - MAY 2021 (18/05/2021).

16.1 The Chairman thanked all members for attending. The meeting closed at 7:50pm.