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Minutes of the Community Council virtual Meeting held via ZOOM on Tuesday, 20th September 2022.

1           Present

Councillors, Mr Tim Owen (Chair), Mrs Sharon Barton, Mrs Pat Dobbie,

Mr Gwilym Looms, Mr Selwyn Williams, Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr Myfyr Davies,

Mr Gareth Evans, Mr Les Thomas & Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk).

Also: County Councillors: Mr Arfon Wyn & Mr John Ifan Jones

2         Apologies

no apologies was received.

3         Welcome:

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

4         To declare any personal and/or prejudicial interest.

No personal and/or prejudicial interest was received/declared.

5         To Correct & Approve minutes of previous meetings.

Full Council 19/7/2022 - Proposed (AH) & Seconded (SB) that the minutes be approved as correct. Unanimously agreed and signed by the Chair.

6          Matters arising from the minutes.

6.1       Translation Service - The Chair welcomed Mr Gwynfor Owen from Geiriau Gwyn to the meeting.

6.2      Vacant Seat - following the public notice for the vacant seat in the Trefdraeth Ward, the Clerk confirmed that a local election will be held on Thursday, 20th October 2022.

6.3       Grass Cutting Agreement - Old & New Cemetery at Trefdraeth. The Clerk gave members the latest report that included:

The grass cutting work of both sites was in progress.

The Holly Tree had been cut back by the Chair 8c Councillor Mr Les Thomas to allow clear access to the Church door.

6.4       Maes Glas Site Report, Bethel

County Councillor Mr John Ifan Jones gave a brief report to confirm that following a meeting with the County Council back in July, that the consultants Mott MacDonald had been commissioned to complete a feasibility study as agreed. The consultant had already visited the site in order to carry out an initial environmental study, and they had visited Mr Trefor Owen (3 Maes Glas) in order to take advantage of his local knowledge. They had also already arranged temporary traffic lights for a day or two in order to complete a detailed survey of the lane.

6.5      Footpath Matters.

It was agreed that a meeting of the Footpaths Committee is needed as soon as possible in order to discuss and assess which paths need to be included on the Council's maintenance list for 2023.

6.6       New Cob Malltraeth Benches.

To remind the Chairman, Councillors Mr Gareth Evans and Mr Les Thomas that the benches need to be collected from the Clerk in order to install them as soon as possible.

6.7       Installation of Defibrillators in the Community.

Confirmation from the Clerk that defibrillators at the Pare Glas Surgery site and Glantraeth Football Club have been installed.

The Council had also already agreed to pay and it was noted that arrangements were in hand to install a new machine at Rhos Residential Home.

6.8     New Hermon Notice Board - in hand and to be installed as soon as possible.

6.9      Picnic Table (Cwt Glas).

Agreed to install a new picnic table as soon as possible.

Agreed to carry out a survey of the other benches and the site in general and ensure its

inclusion on the risk assessment list.

6.10    Future of the Bodorgan School & Community Centre Site.

It was noted that Group Malltraeth Ymlaen had received confirmation that their Business Plan to purchase the School as a Community Centre had been approved by the County Council and Councillor Mrs Pat Dobbie had already shared brief details of a three-year lease agreement. A heated discussion followed where strong opinions were shared between the members. As a result, it was unanimously agreed that more information on the Business Plan needs to be shared before any meeting is arranged.

7         New Planning Applications

- none received.

8        Planning Department Decisions

8.1       Application for the installation of a 20-metre-high mast, the installation of equipment cabinets at ground level and ancillary development on land at: Tyn Rallt, Bodorgan - D56/2022/4 - APPROVED.

9        Community Council Payments & Income:

Proposed (AH) & Seconded (MD) & agreed unanimously to make the following payments:

9.1        Payments:

R Jones Electrician            Installation of Defibrillator Cabinet                    £394.00

Clerk &PAYE                      Salary August 2022                                            £280.00

Clerk & PAYE                      Salary - September 2022                                   £ 280.00

Defib Store Limited            New Defib - Rhos Residential Home                 £1,128.00

Notice Board Co Uk Ltd      New Hermon Noticeboard                                  £806.44

9.2       Receipts:

Commonwealth War Grant                                                                            £12.00

Anglesey County Council   Precept - 2nd Instalment 2022/2023                   £4,000.00

9.3       Bank Reconciliation - 31 August 2022:

General Account £ 11,712.74                     Reserve Account: £16,007.00

10       County Councillor's Report.

The following issues were identified:

Boundary Complaint near 15 Morawelon, Malltraeth.

New Bin Complaint in Bethel.

Surgeries to be held in Bethel Chapel.

Bus Shelter in need of maintenance in Bethel.

11       Correspondence.

The following correspondence was shared with Councillors:

Anglesey Town and Community Councils Liaison Forum - 8.9.20220

Anglesey County Council Standards Committee Newsletter.

Planning Aid - Planning Application Courses.

Welsh Government North and South Wales Workshop Events

Independent Review of Hunting

Woodland Creation Grant Schemes

Anglesey CC Statement: Children and Families Services initiative up for UK award.

Anglesey CC Statement: Grant funding to help enhance biodiversity.

Nature Networks Fund.

Anglesey CC Statement: Cost of living funding for Anglesey residents.

Anglesey CC Statement: New Anglesey coastal toilets set for significant upgrade thanks to £248,000 fund.

Anglesey CC Statement: New Rapid Electric Vehicle Charging Points installed across Anglesey Towns.

Anglesey CC Statement: New Director of Education, Skills and Young People appointed.

Welsh Boundary Commission Secondary Consultation Period Representations.

Extending the Well-being of Future Generations Act's well-being duty.

Welsh Government - A Fairer Council Tax Consultation.

Information regarding the A5 - Menai Suspension Bridge - Major Maintenance Scheme.

Important survey for town and community councils and key partners

12      Date of next meeting - Tuesday, 18th October 2022.

The Chair thanked the Clerk and all Councillors for their attendance and declared the meeting closed at 8:00pm.