Malltraeth Ymlaen Cyf




  • What information is being collected?

 Your name, address, e mail and telephone number


  • Why is it being collected?

In order for the member to be informed of events, meetings etc and receive the BCSG newsletter


  • How long will the information be held?

 For the time Malltraeth Ymlaen Cyf is in existence or until the member chooses to remove his/her details


  • What happens if a person does not provide their information?

The person will not receive e mails, newsletters or notices of meetings. The member retains the right to refuse consent.  Membership of BCSG will not be affected


  • Is the information going to be shared with anyone?

No, unless the person’s permission is requested and granted


  • What rights does a person have?

 The right to remove his or her details at any time by contacting the Secretary


  • Where can someone make a complaint?

Complaints can be directed to the Information Commissioner’s Office   - 0303 123 1113