A warm welcome was given by the Chairman to all residents and guests who attended the meeting.

PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Sheila Jones (Secretary), Gwilym Davies,

Rachel Sayer, Peter Garbutt, Aled Roberts, Helen Evans, Gareth Evans, Andrew Hughes, Ann Perkins.

APOLOGIES: Hilary Cooke, Dr & Mrs S Lyon, Jeff Hughes, Henri Hughes, Su Pearson, Nathan Burns.

CO-OPTED MEMBERS: Cllr A Griffith, Cllr P Rogers, PCSO Alison Williams,

PCSO Lee Monk.

16 residents in attendance



  • Democracy- Anglesey Style: Reply to our letter to the local authority was read out by Dafydd to all present – Dafydd has responded via e-mail and has formally invited the CEO of the local authority to attend one of our meetings – still waiting for a reply.
  • Bin removed from High Street, Malltraeth: Cllr P Rogers explained that this bin was removed because of council cuts. Apparently, this bin was the least used in the village.  More notices regarding dog fouling are to be put up in the High Street.
  • Sewage: Welsh Water – Cllr P Rogers reported that no sewerage is discharging into the river Cefni, and that this culvert is inspected regularly.
  • Morawelon Parking: Cllr P Rogers has drawn a blank with the council. The Highways Department will one licence between the owner/occupiers concerned.  Cllr P Rogers will come around the estate and ask tenants/owners/occupiers what their views are on this issue.

POLICING ISSUES: Alison and Lee were welcomed to the meeting.  It was reported that parking on the High Street at Malltraeth is much better now.  Parking outside the School at drop-off and pick-up times still an issue.

CHAIRMAN & MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE REPORT:Dafydd summarised the contents of his report which had previously been circulated to all present, and thanked all those who volunteered and gave their time and efforts to all the events carried out throughout the past year.  The committee accepted the report and wished to thank Dafydd for his hard work and time in pursuing grant aid for the community – without Dafydd, there would not be a community committee at all.

TREASURER’S REPORT: In the absence of the Treasurer, Dafydd summarised the contents of the accounts, which were previously circulated to all present.  It was unanimously agreed that the accounts be accepted and forwarded to Companies House.


In accordance with the Articles of Association, only four seats normally fall vacant annually.  Members of the Committee are elected to serve for a three year period.  This year, seats held by Eric Howarth, Ann Perkins, Aled Roberts and Rachel Sayer fall vacant.  All the four persons named above were unanimously re-elected.

At this point, Dafydd vacated the Chair and Sheila took over the meeting.

NOMINATION “2”: In accordance with Article 14 (4), the Chair must be elected at the AGM, and must be one of the 123 members elected to serve on the Management Committee.  It was proposed that Dafydd be re-elected as Chair, and this was unanimously agreed by all present. 

Dafydd took over as Chairman of the meeting, and expressed his thanks to all present for their support and extended his thanks to Sheila for her work as Secretary.

AUTHORISED SIGNATORIES FOR MALLTRAETH YMLAEN ACCOUNTS: At present, there are 2 authorised signatories on the Bank Account.  Dafydd asked for 4 signatories – the Secretary should be one, and Rachel was nominated to be the fourth name.  Andrew Hughes was nominated as a reserve.

COMMUNITY FESTIVAL – FUN DAY: To be held 27 Jun, 2015.  Hogans are supporting the event again this year with a donation of £300.  A letter of thanks has already been sent.  All equipment in hand.  Cakes required for stall required.  Parking has been sorted out and a new banner is to be ordered.

SPIRIT OF 12 – 14 SMALL GRANTS: First meeting of the panel met on 4 June.  21 applications have been submitted for a share of the grant.  There were 4 applications for £1,000 grant from Bodorgan:

  1. Malltraeth Ymlaen – picnic tables
  2. Bodorgan Joint Venture – Community Feast
  3. Community Centre – extend the public address system
  4. WI.

CHILDREN’S PLAY AREA: Now completed.

RED NOSE COMMUNITY CASH: Pleased to report that our application was successful for £1,000 grant to obtain a new marquee for Malltraeth Ymlaen.  Delivery and new straps are an extra cost.  Agreed to sell the old marquee as it needs some work done on it.

COMMUNITY CENTRE/SCHOOL: Dafydd had nothing new to report on this issue.  The School will b going out to statutory consultation soon.  The Community Centre lease will be going to arbitration.  Legal advisors are being sought to defend the Community Centre Lease.

PUBLIC CONSULTATION: It is proposed to build a solar farm in Trefdraeth.  There will be a public consultation at Bodorgan School on Monday 15 June from 5pm until 8pm for residents to raise any objections or ask any questions regarding the proposed scheme.

COMMUNITY ISSUES: A resident was concerned regarding the grass verges along the roadways, and causing poor visibility.  Cllr P Rogers stated that the local authority had a time table for cutting the grass verges.

ACTIVITIES IN THE AREA FOR 2016: Any suggestions welcome.

150 CLUB – DRAW 3:

1st prize            £30                  No 298                        Kath Beard, Hermon

2nd prize           £20                  No315             Gareth Hughes, Rhos, Malltraeth


Llangadwaladr Church Fair – Bodorgan Community Centre Saturday 30 May – proceeds towards Llangadwaladr Church.

Saturday 6 June 2pm – 4.30pm – Open Garden, Ardraeth, Malltraeth – proceeds towards Llangadwaladr Church.


  • Volunteers Week – Dafydd will nominate a person for an award.
  • A resident asked if it was possible to have benches placed on one of the cobs leading towards the viaducts – the answer was no.
  • A local resident stated that many visitors/ delivery men are asking for directions to various places in the locality and wondered whether we could produce a map of the outlying properties, and a map of the 3 surrounding villages. After a discussion, it was felt that this would be an invasion of privacy by many in attendance at the meeting.