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The Chairman gave a warm welcome to all residents and guests who attended the meeting.

PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Peter Garbutt, Andrew Hughes, Ann Perkins, Helen Evans, Gareth Evans, Eric Haworth.

  1. APOLOGIES: Jeff Hughes (Treasurer), Sheila Jones (Secretary), Gwilym Davies, Aled Roberts, Rachel Sayer, Dr & Mrs Lyons, Capell Aris, Hilary Cooke, PCSO Alison Williams, Peter Rogers, Christine Garbutt, Cyril Jones, Richard Coe, Vanessa Caldwell, Julie Hind, Kathleen Beavis, Elfyn Roberts.


15 residents in attendance.

In the absence of Sheila, Dafydd thanked Christine Rogers for stepping in and agreeing to take the minutes this evening.


Dafydd passed on the group’s condolences to Shirley Jones on the death of her youngest son, who tragically died last Saturday and leaves 3 young sons.


Minutes were proposed as a true record and unanimously agreed by the group

  • Solar Park – Ann Griffiths had met with the residences of Soar re their experiences with solar park. The ditches and hedgerows had been spoilt; the roads decimated due to huge articulated lorries travelling down the very narrow lanes, many of whom were from Spain and Portugal. Ann is trying to get Highways & Planning and Tim Bowie from Bodorgan Estate to take the problems into consideration when considering the next solar panel extension works. The current application is asking for 65 CTV cameras. It appears that very few locals have benefitted from the construction of the park, workers are mostly foreign and 2nd-hand panels from Spain have been used.

Locals living nearby find the constant ‘chattering’ from the inverters very distressing. It appears the land-owner who is Bodorgan Estate has little control and the work is sub-contracted out many times. Bodorgan Estate had originally sold the land to Light Source but it is now back in the ownership of Bodorgan Estate as this makes it much easier to get extension planning.

  • The road around the church in Malltraeth village still has large holes. There had been an attempt to repair one of them but as it had not been sealed the filling has already come out

POLICING MATTERS: As PCSO Alison was unable to attend the meeting any problems within the community please pass on directly to Alison or Dafydd.

COMMUNITY VOICE CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT OFFICER – MEDRWN MON: Rachel Argyle was unable to attend due to a family problem. Rachel’s remit is to set up a project called ‘Community Voices’. This will involve members of the public to voice their opinions on changes required to get the local authority to move matters forward and get consultation papers written in a way that can be understood by community members. Rachel will be developing a ‘Citizens’ panel. She hopes to attend the meeting in March.

 WALES CO-OP – DIGITAL VOLUNTEERING: This project is trying to develop a pool of volunteers within the community to help others within the community who lack the confidence to use digital media such as iPads, online shopping, etc.

COMMUNITY HERITAGE ASSETS: Dafydd had a meeting with Gwynedd Archaeological Trust on Friday 5 February. It had been decided that time was too short to get a Fourteen Application together before the 15 February deadline for current applications. Dr David Owen and Anita Daimond of Gwynedd Archaeological Trust were present and agreed to put a project together. The project would look at all the churches and start with photos of churches and important features. If project successful it would start with St Cadwaladr Church as it is the only Grade I listed church. It was agreed by the meeting to put a project forward for the next Fourteen application round.

COMMUNITY FESTIVAL: Dafydd thanked Alwyn and Judith for their input into the Fourteen application. The total cost of the Festival will be £2937.23 of which £1687.23 is being applied from Fourteen and £250 coming from Malltraeth Ymalaen funds. If funds approved the £1000 received previously would be surrendered. The Community Festival will take place on Saturday 9th July There will be an afternoon Fun Day event which would include the normal physical activities and an evening musical event with 2 leading musical acts being provisionally booked – John & Allen Country and Western artists and Will Tan a Welsh musical artist. There will be an evening open air BBQ. Decision on application will be made on 8th

SPORTS RELIEF COMMUNITY CASH 16: Dafydd has applied to this fund for a generator in the name of Malltraeth Ymalaen. Decision should be made early April.

FUTURE OF THE COMMUNITY CENTRE – UPDATE: Dafydd has a meeting with Lottery funders 25 February. On 21 December the council offered to sell the site to the community for £90K. On this news Dan Banks of Ashurst advised the community to get a chartered survey to value the premises. Since then the Local Authority appear to have back-tracked saying that ‘school is still active so any purchase by your client would be some year’s away, if at all’. We appear to be back at the starting point. Ashurst has advised the community to decline the Local Authorities request to transfer the trusteeship. Some pupils have come back from Henblas School and apparently more to come. The group thanked Dafydd once again for all his efforts.

ISLE OF ANGLESEY CHARITABLE TRUST: (Shell Fund) – Malltraeth Ymalaen is eligible to put an application in for capital items. Amount would be £3000 - £6000 with any application receiving between 60-80% of amount applied for. Deadline is usually end of April. Dafydd asked for ideas of items to apply for, suggestions were:

  • More chairs plus some to be used outside
  • Additional marquee
  • Digital projector and screen
  • Green outdoor gym

Group was asked to bring more ideas to meeting in March.

CURRY NIGHT 2016: Hopefully event will take place early April provisionally 12 April. There will be a quiz and bingo. Ali and Dafydd to organise with Chris devising quiz

 FOURTEEN PANEL MEETING ABERFFRAW – verbal feedback: There had been an open community event at Aberffraw which included funding workshops and a community event. The community event had been poorly attended. There are still many questions surrounding allocation of funds. There is still a feeling that there is a hidden agenda. Anyone wishing to see previous round successful applications go to CFIW website. There is a panel meeting schedules for 8 March to discuss current round applications. Specific issues the group had about funding are:

  • Number of outside companies/social enterprises applying for funding whose links with Bro Aberffraw area are tenuous
  • Lack of transparency
  • What legacy has previous round left us with – particular mention was made of the oyster shell application
  • There should be a mid-term impact assessment made
  • There is a fear that those who know how to manipulate systems are being more successful in gaining funds

There are 22 applications in for the current round with one commissioned project involving the 5 local primary schools creating a film on how volunteering has shaped their community now and in the future. 2 professional tenders had been received and the most professional tender chosen. The application has been done in the name of Malltraeth Ymalaen. £13,700 has been applied for consisting of £12,000 for project, £1,200 supply costs and £500 management costs.

150 CLUB – 2016: Dafydd made an appeal for purchase before end of March


  • Peter Rogers has been suspended as a County Councillor for 3 months, however group decided he was very welcome to attend Malltraeth Ymalaen meetings
  • A road sign has been damaged on B2422 – approach to bend by Balaclava cottages.
  • Current County Council consultation is on Premium of up to 100% on second homes and long-term empty properties. Ann Griffiths declared a prejudicial interest. Nearly 50% of homes in Rhosneigr are empty. There were concerns that the proposed premium could impact on local employment particularly Rhosneigr. There is an online questionnaire on Council website for those interested.
  • There is a need for a mirror on junction coming from the church/car park at Malltraeth as vision is very difficult when vehicles parked in lay-by


Age Cymru are holding an event at Eglwys Bach, Newborough 18th March for anyone who has concerns on health for themselves or others.   


  • Peter Hughes mentioned problem with website not being up-to-date. Dafydd explained problem of website being hacked and it was now difficult to up-date. Vicki and Andrew Harvey volunteered their son who is an expert to look at the website this would be in 2-3 weeks during Easter holiday. Offer was accepted.
  • Henry requested considering inviting all those candidates standing for Welsh Assembly to a meeting at Bodorgan