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A warm welcome was given by the Chairman to all residents and guests who attended the meeting.


PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Jeff Hughes (Treasurer), Sheila Jones (Secretary), Eric Haworth, Peter Garbutt, Ann Perkins, Aled Roberts, Andrew Hughes.

APOLOGIES: Su Pearson, Glenys Jones, Dr & Mrs S Lyon, Rachel Sayer, PCSO Alison Williams, Hilary Cooke, Christine Garbutt, Judith Williams, Gwilym Davies, Gareth & Helen Evans, Margaret Rarity-Hughes.

CO-OPTED MEMBERS: Cllr A Griffith, Cllr P Rogers

15 residents in attendance.


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 27 APRIL 2016 & MATTERS ARISING: Minutes were approved as a true record and were unanimously agreed by the group.

  • Traffic Mirror (Bryn Poeth Junction) – damaged and needs replacing
  • Speeding problems in the area have been reported to NW Police & a speed monitor has been fitted on the A4080

CHAIRMAN & MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE REPORT: Dafydd summarised the contents of his report which had previously been circulated to all present, and thanked all those who volunteered and gave of their time and efforts to all the events carried out throughout the past year.  The Committee accepted the report and wished to thank Dafydd for his hard work and time in pursuing grant aid for the community.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The contents of the accounts, also previously circulated by Dafydd, were summarised and all present agreed that the accounts be accepted and forwarded to Companies House.


NOMINATIONS “1”: In accordance with the Articles of Association, only four seats normally fall vacant annually.  Members of the |Committee are elected to serve for a three-year period.  This year, seats held by Sheila Jones, Andrew Hughes, Gwilym Davies and Peter Garbutt fall vacant.  The three persons present were unanimously re-elected, and Gwilym Davies will be asked if he wishes to be re-elected at the next meeting..

At this point, Dafydd vacated the Chair and Sheila took over the meeting.

Nomination “2”: In accordance with Article 14 (4), the Chair must be elected by the AGM, and must be one of the 12 members elected to serve on the Management Committee.  It was proposed that Dafydd be re-elected as Chair, and this was unanimously agreed by all present.

Dafydd took over as Chairman of the meeting, and expressed his thanks to all present for their support and extended his thanks to Sheila for her work as Secretary.

REPRESENTATIVES ON OTHER BODIES: All present representatives on other bodies were re-elected (Dafydd Jones – Centre Trustees, Andrew Hughes – Medrwn Mon, Dr Eric Haworth – Local Access Forum).

COMMUNITY FESTIVAL/FUN DAY: Dafydd reported that arrangements are all in hand for Saturday 9 July and thanked Ali Rowlands for all his help.  A variety of stalls will be available at the event.  The evening concert “Hwyl Gwyl Bro Aberffraw” will see John & Alun and also Will Tân performing.  Tickets available at £5 per adult, £2 for children.

SPIRIT 12/14 PROGRAMME/GRANTS: Dafydd stated that there was nothing new to report, but confirmed that the funding for the Bro Aberffraw event was coming from this pool.  The Primary School Pupils Video Project has also been approved.

EVENTS FOR 2016/17: Suggestions for a variety of new events are required for the group.  As the Curry & Quiz Night proved popular, it was suggested that this becomes a more regular event.


  • Update on Bethel Footpath – Cllr A Griffith stated that she had met with the local authority last week and confirmed that this work is scheduled for 2017. After discussion on this issue, it was decided that Cllr A Griffith ask the local authority for drawings/plans of the proposed new works to share and discuss with the group. If nothing has been forthcoming from the local authority within 4 weeks, Cllr Griffith will contact Rhun Ap Iorwerth AM and ask him to intervene.
  • It was suggested that the 30 mph sign on the Llangristiolus side of Bethel be moved past Y Fron outside Bethel due to speeding traffic, which has been causing problems for the last 18 years.
  • Broadband Speeds – some residents are experiencing problems with broadband speeds and when they complain to Open Reach about this, nothing is done to improve it.
  • Grass Cutting – complaints were made about the local authority leaving a mess after cutting the grass.


  • Saturday 28 May – Coffee Morning in aid of St Cadwaladr’s Church held at the Community Centre – 10.30 am to 12.30 pm
  • Community Festival/ Fun Day – Saturday 9 July.
  • Bug Hunt, Craft Activities etc., at Llyn Parc Mawr – 10 am to 4 pm Sunday 29 May & Saturday 4 June – refreshments available

150 CLUB 2016 – DRAW 3:

1st prize            £30      No 220                        Colin Morris, Tyddyn Bach, Malltraeth

2nd prize           £20      No 316                        Barbara Jones, Y Fron, Bethel

3rd prize           £20      No 304                        Sylvia Roberts, Balaclava, Bodorgan



  • It was stated that Mr Iolo Owen has given permission for the local children to play on the football field near to the viaduct.
  • Only one cake stall will be permitted at the Community Festival/Fun Day.
  • Dafydd asked if our group could make a donation of £200 to Bodorgan School pupils to enable them to have a school trip on 8 July 2016. All present agreed.
  • Andrew Hughes was thanked by Dafydd for cleaning the upholstered chairs in the Community Centre. He has made a very good job of it.
  • Peter Garbutt reported that our marquee had been hired out, but were still awaiting it’s return. A reminder to be sent.
  • Peter Hughes complimented Dafydd on his clear and easy to understand accounts.
  • Alwyn Rowlands asked for as many volunteers as possible on the Community Festival/Fun Day.
  • It was noted that the OWL messaging service of the NW Police had been circulated recently regarding different “Scams” – Telephone “Scams”, HMRC and Lottery.
  • Generator – still waiting to order with wheel kit fitted.