A warm welcome was given by the Chairman to all residents and guests who attended the meeting

PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Sheila Jones (Secretary), Rachel Sayer, Gwilym Davies, Helen Evans, Gareth Evans, Andrew Hughes, Aled Roberts, Peter Garbutt.

APOLOGIES: Ann Perkins, Carol & Mike Germany, Peter Hughes, Dr & Mrs S Lyon, Hilary Cooke, Cyril & Barbara Jones (Fron), Rev John & Vanessa Davies, Glenys Jones, Henri Hughes, Capell Aris, Richard Coe, Jeff Hughes.

CO-OPTED MEMBERS: Cllr Peter Rogers, Cllr Brian Owen was welcomed to his first meeting of our group.

13 residents in attendance

MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 26 APRIL 2017 & MATTERS ARISING: Minutes were accepted as a true record of events.

  • Broadband Speeds – Dafydd thanked Capell Aris for his help to arrange the meeting that was held last Wednesday evening, with Mr Geraint Strellow, a director of BT in attendance. As a result of this meeting, trees in the area are already being cut down.  The Bodorgan area is scheduled to have 7 new cabinets, of which, 3 have already been installed.  Hermon will have a new cabinet later on in the year.
  • Recycling Trolleys – These are due for distribution in the area next July.

CHAIRMAN & MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE REPORT: Dafydd summarised the contents of his report which had been circulated to all present, and thanked all those who volunteered and gave of their time and efforts to all the events carried out throughout the past year.  The Committee accepted the report and wished to thank Dafydd for all his hard work and time in pursuing grant aid for the community.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The contents of the accounts, also previously circulated by Dafydd, were summarised and all present agreed that the accounts be accepted and forwarded to Companies House.

NOMINATIONS “1”: In accordance with the Articles of Association, only four seats normally fall vacant annually.  Members of the Committee are elected to serve for a three-year period.  This year, seats held by Dafydd Jones, Gareth Evans, Helen Evans and Jeffrey Hughes fall vacant.  The four persons were unanimously re-elected.

At this point, Dafydd vacated the Chair and Sheila took over the meeting

Nomination “2”: In accordance with Article 14(4), the Chair must be elected by the AGM, and must be one of the 12 members elected to serve on the Management Committee.  It was proposed that Dafydd be re-elected as Chair, and this was unanimously agreed by all present.

Dafydd took over as Chairman of the meeting, and expressed his thanks to all present for their support and extended his thanks to Sheila for her work as Secretary.

REPRESENTATIVES ON OTHER BODIES: All present representatives on other bodies were re-elected (Dafydd Jones – Centre Trustees; Andrew Hughes – Medrwn Môn; Dr Eric Haworth – Local Assess Forum).

COMMUINITY FUN DAY/CONCERT: Volunteers required on the morning of the Fun Day.  Items for the tombola will be gratefully received.  Concert tickets available now for £5 each.

SPIRIT OF 12 – 14 PROGRAMME: No update available.

EVENTS/ACTIVITIES FOR 2017/18: Suggestions made – Halloween Disco, Pensioners Christmas Lunch, Santa’s Christmas Grotto, Curry & Quiz Night, School video to be viewed at Bodorgan School.  Date to be arranged.

EFFICIENT USE OF RATEPAYER’S MONIES: A local resident has noticed that the new solar panels being placed on the roofs of the houses at Bethel are not facing the sun.  It was pointed out by another local resident at our meeting that, due to new technology, these solar panels only need light.

DONATION TO THE SCHOOL: A donation of £300 was made by our group towards a summer outing for the pupils of Bodorgan School.  This year, they are hoping to go to Greenwood Park.


  • Mrs Margaret Rarity-Hughes asked if it is possible for toilets to be available for visitors to the village. Cllr P Rogers stated that the problem for the local authority is lack of finance.  He further stated that there are no toilet facilities in many of the surrounding villages either.  It is a huge problem in the area, especially with visitors enjoying the coastal footpaths.  Cllr Brian Owen stated that we should re-visit this issue with the local authority, as this issue is sure to damage the tourist industry inthe long run.
  • Christine Garbutt stated that the tapestry project will be starting next month. Anyone interested – please contact Christine for further information.
  • It was reported that a dog had been attacked by another dog in Malltraeth. This incident has been reported to the Police.  After further discussion, Cllr P Rogers will investigate this incident with PCSO Alison William


            Community Bingo – Every Thursday – 7pm

            Saturday 3 June – Open Garden, Ardraeth, Malltraeth 2pm – 4.3 pm

            Saturday 24 June – Fun Day 1pm – 4pm

            Saturday 24 June – Concert 7pm

150 CLUB – DRAW 3:

1st prize            £30      No 209                        Val Wilson, Iorwerth Terrace, Bethel

2nd prize           £20      No 273                        Vanessa Coldwell, Malltraeth

3rd prize           £20      No 316                        Barbara Jones Fron, Bethel