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A warm welcome was given by the Chairman to all residents and guests who attended the meeting.

PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Sheila Jones (Secretary), Peter Garbutt, Alwyn Rowlands, Andrew Hughes.

APOLOGIES: Eric Haworth, Chris Rogers, Alan & Gill Smith, Su Pearson, Heather Blake,

Mr & Mrs E Griffiths, Carol & Mike Germany, Ann Perkins, Gwilym Davies, Jeff Hughes,

Cllr P Rogers, Gareth & Helen Evans.


22 residents in attendance


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 25 APRIL 2018 & MATTERS ARISING: Minutes were accepted as a true record of events.


  1. Pavement – Dafydd is still waiting for a reply to his letter to the Leader of the Local Authority. He will send another letter to them regarding this issue.
  2. Dafydd stated that he has not yet written to our Member of Parliament regarding refuse and plastic bottles strewn along the A55.

CHAIRMAN & MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE REPORT: Dafydd summarised the contents of his report which had been circulated to all present, and thanked those who volunteered and gave of their time and efforts to all the events carried out throughout the past year. The Committee accepted the report and wished to thank Dafydd for all his hard work and time in pursuing grant aid for the community.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The contents of the accounts, also previously circulated by Dafydd, were summarised and all present agreed that the accounts be accepted and forwarded to Companies House.

NOMINATION “1”: In accordance with the Articles of Association, only four seats normally become vacant annually. Members of the Committee are elected to serve for a three year period. This year, seats held by Eric Haworth, Ann Perkins, Aled Roberts and Rachel Sayer fall vacant – Rachel having moved home out of the Bodorgan area into Newborough. Dafydd proposed that Capell Aris be nominated for Rachel’s vacant seat, and was seconded by those present. The other three members mentioned above were unanimously re-elected.

At this point, Dafydd vacated the Chair and Sheila took over the meeting.


NOMINATION “2”: In accordance with Article 14(4), the Chair must be elected by the AGM, and must be one of the 12 members elected to serve on the Management Committee. It was proposed that Dafydd be re-elected as Chair, and this was unanimously agreed by all present.

Dafydd took over as Chairman of the meeting, and expressed his thanks to all present for their support and extended his thanks to Sheila for her work as Secretary.

CHANGE TO THE BANK MANDATE: Two additional signatures are required (for a total of 4 signatures) – Peter Garbutt and Alwyn Rowlands agreed to be signatories.


Community Centre - Dafydd Jones

Medrwn Môn - Andrew Hughes

Local Access Forum - Eric Haworth

COMMUNITY FUN DAY/CONCERT: Alwyn Rowlands reported that we have 3 weeks until this event – 16 June – volunteers required to sell tickets for the evening Concert. Parking on the day will be on the School field.

RECENT DONATION: Hogan Group have donated to Malltraeth Ymlaen for the last 6 years. We have now received from them a donation of £350 towards our events. Dafydd has written to the Hogan Group thanking them for their kind donation.

COMMUNITY CENTRE – UPDATE: Following the Public Meeting held on14 May, the Community Council met the following evening, and they are prepared to take the lead in proceeding with the possibility of purchasing the School to become the Community Centre. Gerallt Llewelyn Jones (formerly of Menter Môn) is willing to help and advice, and will edit application forms for the Lottery Fund, and other sources. The Solicitors in London (Ashurst), will help with the legal side. Final report on valuation of the site from the Council is due next week.

ACTIVITIES/EVENTS FOR 2018/19: Ideas required. Alwyn Rowlands suggested that we have another Concert during September.

DONATION TO BODORGAN SCHOOL: Dafydd proposed that we, as a group, donate £300 towards a School Trip for the pupils. All agreed.


  • Peter Garbutt stated hat the traffic mirror in situ opposite Ty’n Lon road needs another pole attached to it as it moves when the weather is very windy. Cllr B Owen to investigate.
  • Traffic Mirror – Hermon – enquiries have been made and, as it is required to be on a private road, the Council will not provide a mirror. Cllr B Owen to investigate.


Saturday 16 June – Fun Day – 1pm until 4pm

Saturday 16 June – Concert – 7pm

Every Thursday evening – community Bingo

Saturday 9 June - Llangadwaladr Church Coffee Morning

150 CLUB – DRAW 3:

1st prize £30 No 307 Rachel Sayer, Newborough

2nd prize £20 No 220 Philip Snow, Malltraeth

3rd prize £20 No 316 Barbara Jones, Fron, Bethel


  • The Arts & Trail information boards are now in place around the area, 8 boards in total.
  • Tapestry Project still proceeding well. The backdrop has been painted and will be on display for the Fun Day.
  • Broadband – Capell Aris reported that there is no bulk funding with BT this year. Capell has put in an application for a community support project in Paradwys, the target area is Glantraeth to Capel Mawr junction, and from Bont Marquis back to Glantraeth. Capell is waiting for a quotation from BT.