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A warm welcome was given by the Chairman to all residents and guests who attended the meeting.

PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Jeff Hughes (Treasurer), Sheila Jones (Secretary), Gareth Evans, Helen Evans, Peter Garbutt, Eric Haworth, Alwyn Rowlands, Aled Roberts.

APOLOGIES: Rachel Sayer, Su Pearson, Gwilym Davis, Margaret Rarity-Hughes,

Chris Rogers, Ann Perkins, Glenys Jones, Christine Garbutt, Hilary Cooke,

Mr & Mrs Griffiths.

CO-OPTED MEMBERS: Cllr P Rogers, Cllr B Owen, PCSO A Williams

26 residents in attendance


Dafydd mentioned that Gwilym Davies of Hermon, had recently undergone surgery on his shoulder, and that everyone from the group wished him a speedy recovery.

MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 28 MARCH 2018 & MATTERS ARISING: Minutes were approved as a true record and unanimously agreed by the group.

POLICING MATTERS: PCSO Alison Williams was welcomed to the meeting. 

  • It was mentioned that members of the public have seen a young man, possibly in his mid 20’s, tall and thin in appearance, and has a distinctive walk, in the Bodorgan area. Alison asked if this person is seen again, to let her know of his location and if he is alone or accompanied by another person or persons. 
  • Cllr B Owen reported that speeding vehicles are still being seen in the Capel Mawr area of Bodorgan, along the Bethel to Cefn Cwmwd road. Alison stated that the NW Police are aware of this problem and will request a speed monitor for this area.

BROADBAND: Capell Aris had nothing new to report, and was thanked for all his efforts regarding this issue.

B4422 BETHEL IMPROVEMENTS: Dafydd has sent a letter to the Council Leader regarding this, but is still waiting for a reply.  He will write again and demand an answer to his letter.

FUTURE OF THE COMMUNITY CENTRE – WHAT NEXT?: Dafydd gave everyone present an outline of the history of the lease on the Community Centre, and also said that he had an informal meeting with the local authority’s Valuer who tabled 3 options regarding the Centre, which Dafydd read out to all present.  A discussion arose with many suggestions and comments.  From this, it was recommended that a sub-committee be formed, and a Business Plan should be in place before we go ahead with any decision.  The community council wish to retain the Centre. To seek funding, it is essential to demonstrate community support. A Public Meeting will be held for all residents of Bodorgan on 14 May at the Community Centre at 7pm for that purpose. Cllr Bryan Owen suggested a name who may be able to assist and also that he would approach an architect that he knew.


MY REPRESENTATIVE ON THE COMMUNITY CENTRE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEEU:  Dafydd is already Chairman of the Community Centre Management Committee and is the representative of the Malltraeth Ymlaen group. It might be advantageous in the future for this to change for legal reasons.

FUND FOR WALES APPLICATION: We have been unsuccessful with our application this time.

 COMMUNITY FUN DAY/EVENING CONCERT 16 JUNE: Alwyn Rowlands stated that the marquee will be available on the evening if weather permitting.  Brothers McGee, Harmoneli and Gwen Edwards are taking part in the Evening Concert commencing at 7.00 pm.

150 CLUB – DRAWS 1 & 2:

Draw 1:

1st prize            £30      No 277                        Iona Evans, c/o 7 Morawelon, Malltraeth

2nd prize           £20      No 288                        David Cooke, Pen Cob, Malltraeth

3rd prize           £20      No 328                        Cllr P Rogers, Brynsiencyn (donated back)

Draw 2

1st prize            £30      No 265                        Gwilym Looms, Argraig, Bethel

2nd prize           £20      No 340                        Ted Grundy, Bodorgan Estate

3rd prize           £20      No 218                        Colin Roberts, Ty’r Ysgol, Bodorgan


It was stated that our two Councillors regularly attend our meetings and the group wished to thank them for their attendance.

A Hermon resident asked where you apply for a traffic mirror.  Difficulty seeing traffic approaching Felin Road from the top of the village.

Balaclava bend from the School towards Bethel has no directional arrows on one side of the road, apparently, they have been taken away a while ago and have never been replaced.  The arrows can be seen from the direction of Bethel, but not from the School side.

Alwyn and Judith asked if they could place a “Reduce Speed” sign at the entrance to the lane bordering their property, the answer is yes, they can.


  • Every Thursday – 7pm Bodorgan Community Bingo
  • Monday 14 May 2018, 7pm Public Meeting regarding Community facilities


  • It was stated that the trees alongside the railway track footpath (entrance near Balaclava) have been taken down and lots of litter has been left there.
  • Angi Edmunds asked if the younger people in the community will help with the Community Centre. It is hoped to get all the community involved in the discussions.
  • It was raised at the meting that there is a large amount of litter on the roadside verges of the A55 in Anglesey, which include dirty bottles of urine thrown from Lorries. Dafydd explained that there are no stopping facilities for lorry rivers along the A55, and he will write to our MP regarding the issue.
  • Advertising the events organised by Malltraeth Ymlaen – Judith will open a new page on Facebook.


WEDNESDAY 23 MAY 2018 AT 7.00 PM