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A warm welcome was given by the Chairman to all residents and guests who attended the meeting.

PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Jeff Hughes (Treasurer), Sheila Jones (Secretary), Peter Garbutt, Eric Haworth, Andrew Hughes.

APOLOGIES: Maralyn Davies, Alwyn Rowlands, Judith Williams, Gill Smith, Capell Aris, Helen & Gareth Evans, Tony & Pat Dobbie, Carol & Mike Germany, Ann Perkins.

CO-OPTED MEMBERS: Cllr B Owen, Cllr P Rogers, PCSO A Williams.

20 residents in attendance

Our best wishes to go Alwyn Rowlands (Ali), who is still in Hospital.  Ali and Judith are in our thoughts.


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 28 NOVEMBER 2018 & MATTERS ARISING: Minutes were approved as a true record of events and were unanimously accepted by the group.

POLICING MATTERS: PCSO Alison Williams was welcomed to the meeting.  No issues raised.  Cllr B Owen mentioned the continuance of speeding vehicles travelling from Bethel towards Llangristiolus.  Alison stated that they are very short staffed at present as they need 2 PCSO’s to check speeds.  Alison was thanked for attending our meeting.

OVERVIEW ON CHRISTMAS EVENTS: 68 residents attended the Pensioners Christmas Lunch.  Caterlink supplied the catering, and if the hall will be available for next Christmas, they will return.  Santa’s Grotto was cancelled due to other events taking place on the same evening in the area.  Peter Garbutt reported that Santa and Sleigh was a great success, and made a collection of £84.00 in all.  The money will be kept for next Christmas’ events.

RECENT CORRESPONDENE WITH COUNTY COUNCIL: A letter as sent to the local authority and a reply has now been received, which has been circulated via e-mail by Dafydd. The cost of Council consultations was not given, Cost of trips to Dublin and Japan were given.  As regards the Bethel improvements (we have been waiting for 21 years for these improvements), the Council state that Bethel is not an active travel settlement.  Dafydd will respond to the Council on the group’s behalf regarding their comments on the Bethel improvements.

BUS SHELTERS: Dafydd reported that the Council are willing to give 2 new bus shelters in the area.  One to be located near Rhyd-y-Maen Du in Malltraeth.  The Council have stated that there is no suitable position in Hermon for a shelter as the pavement is too narrow.  There is a suitable piece of land near the Glascoed Estate, but the Council say that it is not Housing land, but belongs to the Highways Department.  Cllr B Owen has asked for a site meeting, but is still waiting for a time and date for this.  Cllr B Owen will try again.

FUND FOR WALES: Eric Haworth stated that an application has gone in to Fund for Wales for a grant to have exercise classes in our area.  A reply is expected by the end of \March.  Bethel Surgery has shown an interest for having exercise classes at the Community Centre as has another person for a different type of exercise class.

COMMUNITY CENTRE: Dafydd explained that our Solicitors wrote to the Council last September, and they are still waiting for a reply.  Dafydd is now asking for our two Councillors to help.  A structural survey has been carried out, and Dafydd explained to all present the results of the survey.  Definite plans have to be made to obtain grant aid.  If purchased, part of the old School has to be demolished.  Ownership of the property would be in the hands of the Charity of the Community Centre and also the Community Council.

2019 – 150 CLUB: Purchase of nubers required.

INSURANCE RENEWAL: Insurance renewed by Dafydd who is now waiting for the paperwork.


  • A local resident reported that there are large pot-holes in the road leading behind the Church in Malltraeth.
  • The fencing around the small parcel of land outside Swn-y-Môr, Malltraeth, are still in place, and they should now be removed.
  • It was reported that there is no hazard sign at Balaclava corner travelling towards Bethel. Coming the other way (from Bethel towards the School), the sign has been reduced and is considered to be a hazard as it is a very tight corner.
  • Double yellow lines are to be placed near the Surgery at Bethel. Cllr B Owen mentioned that it will be a short section of road only, at the top of the hill.
  • Alison Girling has approached Held the Aged as she would like to volunteer her support for the elderly/vulnerable people in the Bodorgan area. Ms Girling was advised to contact the WRVS when they are next meeting at the Community Centre
  • The Tapestry Project will be coming to an end before Easter.


Friday 25 January – 10 am to 12 noon – WI Coffee Morning at the Community Centre

Every Thursday – 7 pm Bingo at the Community Centre

Parkrun Newborough – every Saturday at Llanddwyn

WRVS Lunch Club – every alternate Tuesday at Community Centre.