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A warm welcome was given by the Chairman to all residents and guests who attended the meeting.

PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Chris Rogers (Secretary), Eric Haworth, Andrew Hughes, Capell Aris,

APOLOGIES: Gwilym Davies, Cei Jones, Judith Williams, Jeff Hughes, Christine & Peter Garbutt, Ann Perkins, Alan & Gil Smith, Dr & Mrs Lyons, PCSO Alison Williams

CO-OPTED MEMBERS: Cllr B Owen, Cllr P Rogers

16+ residents in attendance


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 26 June 2019 & MATTERS ARISING: Thanks, given to Maralyn Davies for taking the minutes in Chris Roger’s absence. There were no matters arising.

 Minutes were approved as a true record of events and were unanimously accepted by the group.

AGRICULTURAL TRAFFIC/POLICING: Dafydd has circulated letter sent to the local authority and it can also be seen on the website. Dafydd received response from Menai Jerseys who were unhappy they had not been approached directly. They explained that a mechanical breakdown caused early morning and late-night travelling. They went on to state that dash cams are fitted to all vehicles. Dafydd has both written and spoken to Menai Jerseys who have been given the opportunity to attend this meeting. It is noted that no representative has arrived. The following concerns were made:

  • the narrow lanes not suitable for large vehicles
  • drivers have been observed on mobile phones
  • speed of vehicles

Menai Jerseys contacted Cllr Bryan Owen on Monday. Cllr Bryan Owen has spoken with the Chief Executive of the authority who is going to write to Menai Jerseys re the lateness of vehicles.

BODORGAN EXERCISE CLASSES FOR OER 50s: There is a core of about 16 attending. If this can be maintained the class will be self-funding. Six sessions have a cost so far of £49. Noted there is no class on 29th July. Information on website.

COMMUNITY CENTRE: Dafydd expressed concern about the lack of use. If applying for grant funding it is crucial to demonstrate a need. The following suggestions were made – advertise in the community section of the Chronicle, Banner, advertising availability placed outside the centre, have a Facebook link on website. Any community events send details to Capell who will include on website. Following to be placed on website – Bingo, RVS lunch, over 50s club, exercise class, Malltraeth meetings, WI table top event.

Alpacas are regularly using site. The community were encouraged to advertise by word of mouth the availability of community centre. Creation of flyer advertising availability to be left in shops, etc.  

RENEWAL OF CONTAINER LEASE: Renewal of lease due in September Malltraeth Ymlaen share cost. Unanimously agreed to renew lease.

AGING COMMUNITY: Population of Bodorgan was 921 in the 2011 census, but the 2017 estimate shows 880 most of whom are elderly. Bodorgan is suffering rural de-population. Dafydd made the point that we are short of people who are willing to take on responsibility and help. Jacqui Griffiths agreed to work with Capell Aris to work on advertising the community centre.

WEBSITE: Capell is continuing to update website. He requested photos of Hermon – Jean & Cassie to provide these. The opening page is now an Events list. Capell to approach local authority for permission to install a router to provide internet access in the centre. Malltraeth Ymlaen will then choose suitable provider. Cllr Bryan Owen suggested we let Housing & Social Services know centre is available for hire.

XMAS LUNCH: Meeting keen to have it, Dafydd to try and organise.

MEMORIAL CONCERT: Because of difficulty booking acts, now to be October.

QUIZ NIGHT/SOCIAL: Chris Rogers to organise early October.


  • Trefeilir woods, Bethel lots of red squirrel deaths
  • Lots of litter on verges near Bryn Poeth. Cllr Bryan Owen to follow up
  • Lack of policing of speeding in area mentioned by several members (non-agricultural)
  • Yellow lines by surgery now out to consultation


  • Every Thursday – 7 pm Bodorgan Community Bingo
  • Every Saturday – 9 am Llanddwyn Parkrun – free inc. parking
  • RVS lunch club, every other Tuesday (next lunch Sept. must pre-book)
  • Bodorgan WI – first Tuesday in the month Crist Y Brenin
  • Bodorgan ‘Over 50s’ – third Tuesday each month 2 pm (next one Sept)
  • 28th July Table Top Sale and coffee morning 10 am – 12 pm

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: There was no other business


1st prize           £30      No 217                        Alwena Rowlands

2nd prize           £20      No 341                        Maralyn Davies

3rd prize           £15      No 210                        Enid Hughes

4th prize           £15      No 284                        Judith Coe