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A warm welcome was given by the Chairman to all residents and guests who attended the meeting.

PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Chris Rogers (Secretary), Eric Haworth, Capell Aris, Peter Garbutt

APOLOGIES: Iwan & Jackie Griffiths, Gwilym Davies, Carole & Mike Germany, Ceinwen Jones, Gill Smith, Andrew Hughes, Sheila Jones

CO-OPTED MEMBERS: Cllr B Owen, Cllr P Rogers

PCSO Alison Williams in attendance

20+ residents in attendance


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 24 July 2019 & MATTERS ARISING: Matters arising: Agricultural Traffic/Policing – reply received from Anglesey County Council who had asked the agricultural unit for extra information on their day to day activities regarding traffic as part of the consent process. Highways had received no other complaints. County Council requested more information re Malltraeth ie registration numbers, dates, times, etc. Famer had given assurances that agricultural vehicles coming from Bodorgan estate should not now be after 9 am. The point was made by the chairman that planning permission had been given retrospectively, whereas traffic assessment should be carried out prior to given planning permission

Minutes were approved as a true record of events and were unanimously accepted by the group.

POLICING: PCSO Alison Williams gave apologies for not being able to attend previous meetings. Dafydd informed the meeting about the vandalism carried out on the Community Centre:

  1. First act of vandalism             31 July 4 windows smashed
  2. Second act of vandalism         10 August more windows broken
  3. Third act of vandalism            13 August further damage

All incidents had been reported to the police and followed up by Dafydd. However, because the value of the damage would be in excess of £500 it could not be dealt with by a PCSO it had to be referred to the police. PCSO Alison Williams explained that the lack of evidence made it difficult to approach the parents of the suspects.

The local authority had carried out the repairs on the premises and were thanked for their efficiency. Windows have either been re-glazed with glass or Perspex and/or boarded over.

Cllr Bryan Owen expressed his disappointment with the police response. The point was made that this is a community who supports the police in any way they can and had expected a little more action from the police. However, it is still an ongoing case. PCSO Alison Williams will contact Dafydd next week to discuss the matter. As the building now looks derelict the group were concerned about the danger of arson. The fire alarm has been recently serviced and tested. Authority still contacting the caretaker to open and close the building despite the fact she is no longer in the authority’s employ.

The idea of putting up a dummy camera was discussed.

BODORGAN EXERCISE CLASSES FOR OER 50s: Very successful there are a core group of 20+ which should ensure the class is sustainable long term.

COMMUNITY CENTRE: Dafydd, Chris, Mary Bulmer and Cllr Bryan Owen had attended a meeting of the Anglesey Community Hub Alliance. Dafydd had been unaware of this alliance until informed by Cllr Bryan Owen. It had been a worthwhile meeting and Dafydd will contact the Local Access Co-ordinator to get centre advertised. Age Well based at Hafen Cefni also interested in using our facilities.

Dafydd feels that we have been going around in circles for the last 18 months. The County Council are keen for the Community Centre Trustees to complete an Asset Transfer on the building. The Council have received two offers to purchase the field which so far, they have turned down. At the moment the Council are happy for the current licence agreement to stand, however a decision needs to be made on the centre by the Trustees. The Community Centre Trustees propose to hold a public meeting on 21 October at 7 pm at the community centre to make a final decision on the way forward. It is proposed that the Community Centre Trustees set up two sub-committees one to look at funding opportunities and the second to market the premises. Dafydd made it clear that he wishes to take more of a back seat in 12 months’ time.

Capell and Cyril are in consultation with organisations to get a quote for the approximate costs of renovation of the centre. Dafydd will use a formula to work out approximate costs of a new build. These should be available by 21 October to present to the public meeting.

To go ahead with the purchase of the site a new Charitable Trust will have to be created. Dafydd to put copy of lease on website.

WEBSITE: Home page now has announcements on it. There have been 3,000 hits since it was resurrected.  Let Capell know about any events, at least 48 hours’ notice should be given. Web address is Web address to be put in the footer of minutes. Looking to link Twitter and Facebook to the website. Helen to contact Jackie to help do this.

XMAS LUNCH: Wednesday 11 December. Hilary Cooke has agreed to cook food. Mrs Beavis to donate mince pies. Names to Dafydd.

SOCIAL EVENING:  event to be held in the new year.

COMMUNITY ISSUES: New LA Chief Executive (internal candidate) appointed at a salary of £117,000 pa. A freedom of information application had been put in requesting the costs of advertising the post. The reply was costs were zero. This was because the job had only been advertised on the County Council’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. The job advert only appeared for 17 days in July.  Three candidates had been interviewed. Cllr Peter Rogers had resigned from the appointments committee in protest. It seems there has been a breach of the constitution re interviews. It appears the candidates were interviewed a day before official interviews by three members of the appointments panel without officially notifying other members of the appointments panel. A request to hear the audio tape of that meeting, however it appears that the tape of this meeting miraculously had a technical issue and is blank. Dafydd had also observed on the webcast of a council meeting that when Cllr Peter Rogers stood to ask a question the sound again disappeared. Chris to put in FOI re protocol for job adverts. Cllr Peter Rogers and Bryan Owen have sent in a complaint to the Auditor General.


  • Every Thursday – 7 pm Bodorgan Community Bingo
  • Every Saturday – 9 am Llanddwyn Parkrun – free inc. parking
  • RVS lunch club, every other Tuesday (next lunch Sept 8 must pre-book)
  • Bodorgan WI – first Tuesday in the month Crist Y Brenin
  • Bodorgan ‘Over 50s’ – third Tuesday each month 2 pm (next one Oct)
  • 27th September Community Coffee morning 10 am – 12 pm
  • Christmas Fair Crist Y Brenin Saturday 30th November 10 am to 12.30 pm


  • Need another two signatories to bank account – Chris Rogers and Capell Aris to be new signatories
  • Capell circulated map of Welsh proposals for renewable energy country wide. To access document, look for “Welsh National Development Framework”. Welsh Assembly proposals do not reflect Anglesey’s Development plan.
  • New mobile telephone mast erected behind Tacla Taid for provider EE.
  • Comment made that there are over 100 energy companies looking to invest in Anglesey
  • Stuart Lyon brought up lack of visibility on road just past school towards Bethel where the road narrows. Cllr Bryan Owen to contact Highways.
  • Litter still a problem. Cllr Bryan Owen had contacted ‘community gang’ to clear. He will follow up.
  • Cllr Peter Rogers to look at providing recycling box for community centre
  • Christine Garbutt – tapestry project nearly completed. Will be photographed and sent to other centres in the area.
  • Defibrillator available via key holders. Permanent home will be at Rhos care home. It was suggested that training for use of defibrillator be given by Ambulance Service. Observation made that there is no First Responder in the area.
  • Cllr Peter Rogers and Bryan Owen to check with council internet access in community centre


1st prize           £30      No 296                        Angie Dickinson

2nd prize           £20      No 205                        Betty Ferrier

3rd prize           £15      No 261                        Su Pearson

4th prize           £15      No 332                        Berwyn Jones