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In accordance with clause 13 of the Articles of Association of Malltraeth Ymlaen ‘cyf’, notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the company will be held on WEDNESDAY the 22nd May 2019 at 19:00 hours at the BODORGAN COMMUNITY CENTRE.


  1. Apologies
  2. The minutes of the last meeting of the Management Committee, held on the 24th April 2019 and matters arising.
  3. To receive the reports of the Chair, and the Management Committee on the activities of the company during the last financial year.
  4. To receive the report of the Treasurer and to submit the accounts for the last financial year for approval.
  5. To receive nominations, and to elect four persons to serve on the Management Committee for the next three years, (note 1 below).
  6. To receive nominations and to elect a Chairperson for the next year, (note2).
  7. To appoint –
    1. Secretary
    2. Treasurer
    3. Vice- Chair
  8.  Representatives on other bodies
    1. Community Centre
    2. Medrwn Mon
    3. Local Access Forum
  9. Concert – July
  10. Volunteer(s) required to co-ordinate exercise classes (1.5 Hrs/Wk.)
  11. Report on recent community support donation
  12. Community website – Capell Aris
  13. Events for 2019/20?
  14. To consider suggestions from members on the activities that should be pursued in the ensuing year.
  15. Community Issues – County Councillors
  16. Bodorgan – forthcoming community events
    1. Friday 31st May, Coffee Morning, Community Centre 10am - 12
    2. Every Thursday, Community Bingo, Community Centre – 7pm.
    3. Every Saturday, Llanddwyn Parkrun, Free including parking
    4. July – date to be arranged, Evening Concert
    5. To be arranged – exercise classes for older citizens.
  17. Any other business
  18. 150 Club Draw 3 – (numbers may still be purchased with a £2 forfeit).
  19. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, the 26th June 2019 at 19-00hrs.

This is a BODORGAN community group and is open to all Bodorgan residents. 

Notes on the Agenda

  • In accordance with the Articles of Association, only four seats fall vacant annually. Members of the Committee are elected to serve for a three-year period. This year the seats held by Andrew Hughes, Sheila Jones, Peter Garbutt, and vacant seat fall vacant. All of the aforesaid named are eligible for re-election. Under Article 36, retiring members are eligible for re-election without further nomination, unless any have declared their resignation. Sheila Jones has declared her resignation as secretary but not as a committee member. It is suggested that members elect the new secretary to the vacant seat.
  • In accordance with Article 14 (4) the Chair must be elected at the AGM and must be one of the 12 members elected to serve on the Management Committee.


  • A management committee is a legal requirement, but since the inception of the group in January 2005 the committee has never formally met as each meeting is an open meeting with a voice for all in attendance.