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7 pm 24th November 2021 – PJH Hall,  Newborough.

  1. Thirty two members were present. The meeting was quorate.

  2. Apologies received from: Christine Garbutt, Margaret Edwards, Heather Blake, Jan Munsche, Karen & Steve Blakey, Neil Moir, Mary Aris, Jude Pike, Philip Snow, James & Maxine Aust, Hilary Cooke, Sally Sykes.

  3. Henri Hughes welcomed members, thanked the Bodorgan WI for providing refreshments, and explained Fire Safety procedure.

  4. Capell Aris gave the Annual Report 2019-20 and 2020-21.  HH thanked CA for his report.

  5. Election of Officers. 

    1. Members of the Management Committee serve for a three-year period. Capell Aris had served three years in this position and sought re-election. All present were in favour 

    2. The seven members of MY who filled the casual vacancies of the Directors who resigned on 18th November 2020 were: Jude Williams, Pat Dobbie, Maxine Aust, Barbara Jones, Helen Jenner, Jan Robertshaw, and Ray Robertshaw. The members present were asked to confirm their positions as directors of Malltraeth Ymlaen with the exception of Maxine Aust who has resigned due to health issues.  All present were in favour. 

    3. The meeting was asked to confirm the appointment of Pat Dobbie as Company Secretary. All present were in favour. 

    4. In view of Maxine Aust’s resignation members were asked for nominations for Company Treasurer.  There were no nominations. 

    5. A nomination for Ray Robertshaw as Chairman was received from Pat Dobbie, seconded by Peter Garbutt. Ray Robertshaw was elected for this post. 

  6. Ray Robertshaw took the Chair, and thanked Henri Hughes, Peter  Garbutt and Capell Aris for their work. He stressed the importance of the community - which should be working for the benefit of everyone.


This concluded the formal business of the AGM – refreshments served by members of Bodorgan WI.


A slide presentation of the proposed refurbishment of the school premises was running on a loop for members’ interest.