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A warm welcome was given by the Chairman to all residents and guests who attended the meeting.

PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Chris Rogers (Secretary), Peter Garbutt, Ann Perkins, Helen Evans, Gareth Evans, Jeff Hughes, Andrew Hughes

APOLOGIES: Jean Faulkes, Cassie Long, Jude Williams, Carole & Mike Germany, Cei Jones, Gwilym Davies, Glenys Jones, Eric Haworth, Su Pearson

CO-OPTED MEMBERS: Cllr Bryan Owen & Cllr Peter Rogers

26+ residents in attendance


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 27 November 2019 & MATTERS ARISING: Young offender who vandalised community centre has been referred to the Youth Team by police. Defibrillator cabinet not yet in place. Yellow lines only opposite two council houses at brow of hill in Bethel. The Christmas lunch had been very successful and thanks were given to all those who volunteered. A surplus of £400 had been resulted.

Minutes were approved as a true record of events and were unanimously accepted by the group.


POLICING: Apologies received from PCSO Alison Williams.


COUNTY COUNCIL PROPOSED COUNCIL TAX INCREASE: Council have recommended an increase of 5%, however, to balance books only an increase of 4.65% is needed. They have identified £300k of savings. Cllr Rogers & Owen informed meeting that £1 million had been spent on Energy Island with nothing being delivered, this is not shown in the accounts. Cllr Peter Rogers made the observation that compared to other local authorities Anglesey’s administration costs should be small as everything is on one site. Dafydd had also observed that the Scrutiny committee meetings were not on the webcast.


TAPESTRY PROJECT: A photographic print of tapestry was presented to the community. There are 14 more to be distributed throughout the area.





Approved Asset Transfer and cover letter now received back from Ashurst. These will be forwarded to the local authority. The Trustees are asking for a three-year period to secure funds for a new build. Chris will complete a funding application Anglesey Charitable Trust deadline 7th February for funds to purchase site.

Trustees have made the decision to demolish the existing building and have a new build. It was made clear to the meeting that the existing building would not be demolished until the new build was ready. Therefore, all current activities will carry on.

Trustees have now put in place a formal booking system. Anyone wishing to book the community centre should email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


COMMUNITY CENTRE SUPPORT GROUP: Alan Smith distributed flyers on behalf of the Bodorgan Community Centre Support Group. The group is keen to look at ways to increase the utilisation of the community centre. This idea was found to be positive. There will be a meeting of the support group on Friday 24th January, 10 am at the centre.

It was suggested that for a Turnkey project the approximate cost wold be £2K(?) per square metre.


150 CLUB: The meeting wanted the 150 club to continue. Dafydd asked for a volunteer to run the club, no names were forthcoming.


COMMUNITY ISSUES: Reported that there are still problems with the Anglesey County Council website. Some information is out of date.




  • Every Thursday – 7 pm Bodorgan Community Bingo

  • Every Saturday – 9 am Llanddwyn Parkrun – free inc. parking

  • RVS lunch club, every other Tuesday (next lunch 11 February must pre-book)

  • Bodorgan WI – first Tuesday in the month Crist Y Brenin

  • Bodorgan ‘Over 50s’ – third Tuesday each month 2 pm

  • 14th February Bodorgan Creatives (contact Christine Garbutt) 10 am – 12 pm

  • 28th February – Community Centre coffee morning 10.30 am – 12.30 pm



  • Ann Perkins informed the meeting that new applications could be made for fibre broadband installations

  • Jackie Griffiths had found a lost or stolen bike on cycle path towards Cors Ddyga. Reported to police, however it took 48 hours for police to check area.

  • Heather Blake reported that litter was bad between school and Bethel

  • Margaret Rarity-Hughes wished to confirm date of Bodorgan Community Support group as this was not clear on their flyer.

  • Pat Cleever mentioned that Hannah who wishes to set up a creche would be attending the meeting on Friday.

  • Peter Garbutt wished that only one person talked at a time as he found it difficult to hear