HERE WE GO AGAIN ! Another lockdown, possibly more controversial than previous ones. People in general are beginning to question the logic of the current lockdown, There is a niggling doubt about the justification for closing non-food aisles in supermarkets – if the supermarkets are already operating comprehensive anti-covid measures, why stop customers buying a pair of socks with their groceries? Hopefully, increased Covid testing will enable us to evaluate the true scale of the problem, but it would be good to know just how the Covid 19 fatalities compare with ordinary influenza fatalities, especially at this time of year. Are we justified in discouraging treatment for non-covid ailments? Maybe we’re stacking up problems for the future. Only time will tell.


YMCC UPDATE from Cllr BRYAN OWEN All the efforts at the moment seem to be dealing with the Covid-19 . As you must already be aware, the “firebreak” lockdown began at 1800 hrs Oct 23, in response to increasing numbers of confirmed cases. and this will be for two weeks. There is a new Covid testing centre in Llangefni . With Brexit on the horizon the local authority objected to a lorry park at the Mona Industrial Park, therefore I have no idea where this could be.There is not much more going on, this pandemic seems to have put everything else on hold.


Anglesey Library Service have changed and adapted the Mobile Library Service in response to the Covid 19 pandemic. It is not possible for the Library van to visit the communities in the usual way at the moment, so they are offering a books to homes for those who are unable to access a Library but still want to read. A pack of books will be prepared especially for you which you will receive once a month delivered to your door. The pack will be left for you in line with Public Health guidelines and social distancing will be kept at all times. 

You must be a Library member to take advantage of this service. You can join for free by completing the online form on Library Services on Anglesey County Council 's website or phoning the Library on 01248 752089 to order your pack. A number of our Members have recently taken advantage of this service and are delighted with the results! If you are already a member contact Veronica on 01248 752089.

MALLTRAETH YMLAEN As reported in previous newsletters, the 10 directors who – on two separate occasions – tried to close down Malltraeth Ymlaen, are still refusing to resign. This prevents MY from functioning, and continuing the good work it has carried out over so many years. In order to break this deadlock, a group of more than 10% of the registered members of MY have called for a General Meeting. Accordingly, the 10 directors have been given 28 days’ notice of the meeting. Because of Covid restrictions, the meeting will be held electronically. Between 17th – 18th November, registered members will be invited to make submissions and comments which will be relayed to all participants. The 10 named directors are also invited to contribute to this process. The vote will then take place between 19th – 20th November, More detailed information will be circulated nearer to the time. Note;- Under the Data Protection Act, the identity and contact details of members submitting comments and votes will be kept confidential, and will not be available to any 3rd parties.

OVER 50S CLUB NEWS – from BARBARA JONES Another month is slipping away and we have still not been allowed access to our Community Centre. Other community centres in our area, which have more Covid-related problems to over come than our Community Centre, are now holding events such as Exercise Classes. Some members of our community have been made welcome in places such as Aberffraw Community Centre. We were hoping to have been in a position to help and return the welcome to other areas – we’re losing ground - both physically and mentally! The Group are in the process of trying to organise a pre-Christmas 'get-together'. There are limited options at the moment but we are hopeful that we will be able to work something out eventually. Luckily this Group still has control over its finances - consequently it has been agreed to contribute £5 towards a Christmas meal for each member. Of course, this will all depend upon the current and any future Covid 19 restrictions.



October has largely been sunny, clear and cold, producing some great dawns and sunsets. Also, some great wildlife views about Malltraeth estuary and marsh.


A superb Great-white Egret - nearly twice the size of the now common Little Egret - is with us regularly, as they too slowly colonise the UK. Similarly, related wetland birds like Glossy Ibis, two of which recently stayed at RSPB Malltraeth marsh for a week or so. 

Numbers of wildfowl and waders are also slowly building up on the estuary. Naturally, that means that their spectacular avian predators, like Peregrine, Sparrowhawk and Merlin, are also highly visible, although prey numbers usually control predator numbers, not vice-versa. 


Views of Otters, though, being great wanderers as well as predators of virtually anything not just fish, are rarer at the moment. This track I found across the low tide estuary clearly shows a large Otter's prints and tail-drag, stretching for hundreds of metres from salt marsh to river. 

October Owl

PARC Y PLANT – from HELEN JENNER A committee has been formed to promote the reopening of the children’s playpark in Newborough, which has been closed since mid 2019 on safety grounds. At the inaugural meeting, held on Thursday Oct 15th at the Pritchard Jones Institute in Newborough, Wendy Hughes was appointed as Chairwoman. Maxine Aust as Treasurer, and Helen Jenner as Secretary. With a formal organisation now in place, things can move forward in terms of funding and initiating the repairs that need to be made to the play equipment. Once this is done, and the necessary insurance is back in place, Parc Y Plant will reopen. This is hugely positive news for the residents of Newborough and the wider Bro Aberffraw community, given that children from all over the ward attend Ysgol Santes Dwynwen in Newborough and have missed having access to the local park for over 18 months now. If anybody would like to be involved in the project, please email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ALFEST SNOWDON CHALLENGE –from JUDE WILLIAMS As I was unable to hold Alfest this year due to covid -19 restrictions, I decided I had to do something else to raise funds for ITU Ysbyty Gwynedd in memory of Ali . So I decided I would give myself a challenge . On october 17th accompanied by friends and family I gave myself the challenge to do a sponsored walk up Snowdon. I was not sure how I was going to do it with my ailments but I was determined. We set off at 7.30 am and had nice weather until we got to the summit where it changed and got misty but we all managed to reach the top, and the weather was lovely again on the way down so we could enjoy the fantastic views.

AlifestSnow    Summit

I am very grateful to everyone for their support and to everyone who has donated so far . If anyone would like to donate, the Just giving page will remain open till the end of the month or you can contact me. Total raised so far is £1200 !! All funds will be put into the Alfest trust in memory of Ali and will be used to support the amazing team of doctors and nurses of ITU Ysbyty Gwynedd. I would like to thank them all for the amazing work they do, It hasn't been easy for them over the last few months. Thank you team Cybi !!

WI UPDATE from PAT DOBBIE. After a very quiet month on the sewing front - some of us are back in business with scrubs for care homes. I don't think this is a bad omen - we have had feedback that the dementia and alzheimers patients really appreciate the bright colourful and patterned outfits we have been providing - all from donated fabric. Thanks to everyone who has been involved. Re the Keep Britain Tidy campaign - although it was not possible to be involved on the grand scale we had imagined, individuals have been out there doing their gathering . It does make a difference if just a few pick up and dispose, ( Keeping in mind Health & Safety issues of course ). Provision of more bins would be very helpful.!! ( Peter & Bryan, please note ! )

150 CLUB October’s winners are:- Dafydd Jones ( £25 ), Carolyn Evans ( £20 ), Roz Smith ( £20 ) , Heather Blake ( £15 ), Dai Sinclair ( £15 ) Prizes will be delivered on Friday. The list for the 2021 draws will open on December 1st. Remember - the longer the list, the better the prizes, and the more we collect for community events.

PARISH NEWS from REV. ELIZABETH ROBERTS We were supposed to have our Harvest Thanksgiving service in Llangadwaladr on Sunday , 25th October, but the two week lockdown means churches will be closed for the next two Sundays. . We regularly have a parish Zoom coffee morning every Wednesday morning at 10.30 a.m.
Covid -19 means that our Remembrance Sunday services will be very different this year. The same will also be true of our Christmas services. Here is the link and password for 1st Nov. Zoom service, which I am forwarding from the Archdeacon:- Password: Seiriol Meeting ID : 846 4658 8908 English service at 9.30 a.m. and Welsh service at 11 a.m. both using same link. Any queries, please email me - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


BODORGAN COMMUNITY CENTRE. Back in September of last year, Dafydd Jones, (then Chairman of Malltraeth Ymlaen, the Managing Trustees and the Community Council ), is on record as saying that the best option was to remove the flat roofed extension from the rear of the of the Centre, and refurbish the original school building. The Support Group was set up to look into this, and at the same time improve utilisation of the Centre. Capell Aris and Cyril Jones did extensive and highly detailed work investigating this and coming up with a viable plan. Meanwhile the other Support Group members were organising Coffee Mornings and other events to improve utilisation as promised.

At the January 22nd meeting of MY, Dafydd announced that the Trustees had decided to demolish the entire building and replace it with a smaller prefabricated unit. No explanation was given for this change of policy, and there were no details of any proposals. When questions were asked, Chris Rogers, (Secretary of MY and the Managing Trustees) said it was a “done deal” A subsequent poll of residents has shown overwhelming support for refurbishing the Old School Building, but to date there has still been no explanation from the Managing Trustees for their decision, or details of their proposal. At present, MY is entitled to have a representative ( Currently Dafydd ) on the Managing Trustees. If MY closes, there will be no way of representing the wishes of you, the residents, at their meetings

ANGLESY CENTRAL RAILWAY ( LEIN AMLWCH ) A group of dedicated enthusiasts, headed by Walter Davies, are pushing ahead with a scheme to reopen the Gaerwen to Amlwch line, which closed 50-odd years ago as part of the infamous “Beeching Cuts” . The 17 mile long line, which takes a picturesque North-South route across Anglesey would be a great asset to the Island, especially during the tourist season, and would help to put Amlwch on the map. Walter has Network Rail on side, and is hoping to see real progress made in the near future. There should have been a presentation and fund raising event held in the Bodorgan Community Centre last August, but it went the way of all other events in the Summer. If you want to sign up as a registered supporter ( I already have ) email Walter on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . A £10 annual donation keeps you on their books. More information and videos on their Facebook page. Who knows, one day we might even see a steam train on this route ?

RailwayWorkers Engine

GRIPES ( 1 )

During this latest “firebreak” lockdown, food shops and supermarkets will remain open, having instigated comprehensive anti-Covid precautions. This is a major achievement, considering the number of customers who are interacting with staff members. So why do the recycling centres need to close? All the activity takes place outdoors, there is no close interaction between staff and customers, and the pre-booking system restricts traffic to a minimum. People need to eat, but they also need to dispose of unwanted items, without resorting to fly-tipping. What’s the problem? Over to you, Peter & Bryan !

GRIPES ( 2 ) from JUDE WILLIAMS Wondering if the council could do something with the potholes on the roads around Bodorgan Estate. Earlier this month I had an accident with my bike on the road by the Bodorgan Estate. . Riding along and hit a pothole at a bit of a speed. I came off my bike and luckily was not badly injured but, but my bike was considerably damaged. It has cost me a lot in repairs to my bike, but it could have been much worse. Something needs to be done about these holes, before there’s a more serious accident. Over to you, Peter & Bryan !

AND FINALLY - “TEMPUS FUGIT” – found by Barbara Jones

How did it get so late so soon?

It's night before it’s afternoon!

December's here before it's June!

My goodness how the time has 'flewn' (ouch ! )

How did it get so late so soon??


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